No-bark's shack

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No-bark's shack is a location in the outskirts of Novac.


Keeping with No-bark Noonan's mental eccentricities, his shack is incredibly random. There is a rigged shotgun pointed at the door, but it will never go off, because there is no trip wire that will trigger it. There are also several mannequins hiding behind sandbags in the center of the shack, one wearing a baseball cap and a baseball glove.

Tin cans and empty soda bottles litter the ground, and there are many empty Nuka-Cola bottles hanging on ropes dangling from the ceiling. Touching the bottles will cause them to fall off the ropes and land on the ground with a loud clatter.

Unless you are looking for random junk and a humorous insight into No-Bark's inner psyche, there is nothing of interest in the shack.


  • It appears to be the same model as Bradley's shack, lacking the trip wire for the rigged shotgun.
  • If you walk past the mannequins while No-bark is home, he will express surprise that you "got past the guards".


No-bark's shack only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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