The eight Nipton houses are locations in the Mojave Wasteland. One of them is occupied by a hostile Mister Gutsy prototype, while another one is booby-trapped with caged bark scorpions in the first room, and tripwire-activated single shotguns at the doorways.


There are four types of houses in the town.

  • Small white ones. (2)
  • Brown ones with a kind of garage. (4)
  • Long brown bungalows. (2)
  • Some completely destroyed houses.
  • Most have the basic facilities, such as seating, bedroom, and a kitchen, some have work spaces.
  • The small white houses are not rectangular in the inside as the outside of the building would suggest. They have a four-room layout. Both houses differ from each other: one has a master bedroom and a dining room but no sitting area; the other has a bedroom, a sitting area, and a kitchen/dining area. They both have bathrooms.
  • The large bungalows are all correct in size inside. They have a three room layout, a kitchen, a bedroom and dinning/sitting area. The other has a kitchen, a master bedroom, and a large middle space probably a work space. Neither have a bathroom but both have two doors.

Notable lootEdit

Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap, on top of the book shelf in the bedroom, in the house in front of the general store.


The Nipton houses appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.