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This page lists news items posted at Fallout Wiki.
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News in this category

  • Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia news digest. Apprently if I don't write something witty here, the front page of the wiki looks weird. Now you know why I do it, even though you never read this part.

    Nukapedia's administrator.

    -Energy X

    A story that we're not able to just let past us is this piece in Kotaku. They allege they've been "blacklisted" by Bethesda (and Ubisoft).

    Although this hasn't been officially stated to them (Sony tried that back in 2007... and soon found that became the news story), they have had "radio silence" from Bethesda HQ since last December... about the same time as the leak with the script that ended up being strangely accurate.

    This is to the extent that they're not receiving review copies or call backs from the Bethesda PR team.

    I can't help but draw parallels between a certain Fallout 4 Character and this particular attitude to the free press...

    Ars Technica correspondent Rupert Goodwins Went through an as-life experience at UK "Secret" nuclear bunker Kelvedon Hatch (j…

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  • Energy X

    Milestone - 20 000 articles

    November 13, 2015 by Energy X

    A long road has come to here. We all should be proud that we were to witness the record of 20 000 articles, all of them being written in a professional way.

    But who knows what the future may offer? Anywhom,this is a big milestone, for the Wiki and beyond. For hard work and dedication has produced such results. Let it be known that Fallout Wiki is now much more important than it ever was.

    Everyone can make history, no matter how small or big the moment may be.

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  • Energy X

    Before starting to edit the articles, please read this notice thoroughly. This is only a reminder to everyone that wants to edit to know *how-to* edit; to keep some professionalism and making sure the reader is not confused by how the content is looking. Anyhow:

    • No usage of "you" or "player", only "player character" or "Sole Survivor". You aren't in the game, but your player character, Sole Survivor, is.
    • Try to word in objective manner. Subjectivism has no place here, especially in the form of strategies. There are a lot of ways to complete certain quests or kill creatures.
    • Before creating an article, look up if there is another one, to avoid having duplicate pages.
    • When reporting a bug, make sure to place Nukapedia's administration.
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  • Agent c

    News Digest - 30 Oct 2015

    October 30, 2015 by Agent c
    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest. Less than 2 weeks until Annihilation.

    In your edition this week.

    Here's our pics of the week... see what I did there? Actualy these are all from the Art of Fallout 4 book, which you can obtain the special edition from the bethstore, and the regular edition from other retailers.

    $20 Each, Shipping next week.

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  • Agent c

    News Digest - 25 October

    October 25, 2015 by Agent c

    Extra, Extra, Read all about it.

    In your edition this week:

    This week's pictures have been selected by Me. No correspondence will be entered into. This is a recording.

    There's also a limited version of the art book at $85 - although this is available elsewhere the 5,000 available on the BethStore, this version includes some extra pages - and a digital edition (of the basic version) in case you want to keep yours in mint condition.

    Bethesda has team up with Carlsberg to create a special Fallout Beer! Citizens of the United Kingdom can get a taste of it from November, 5.

    Are you a DOTA fan? This might convince you to buy Fallout 4 on Steam...

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  • Agent c

    News Digest - 12 October

    October 12, 2015 by Agent c

    Greetings ((CUSTOMER)) to the ((NEWS DIGEST)).

    In your edition this week:

    This week's pictures have been selected by Gaming Foxy, who has appointed themselves my news deputy. Foxy will also be handling any complaints you have from here on...

    They are also giving away every week until Fallout 4 releases and the first giveaway is done alredy and it was Fallout 4 PipBoy edition.

    To get the chance of getting one of the giveaways all you need to do is visit the countdown site, enter your email address and check the box that says Enter me in the Countdown to Fallout 4 giveaway

    Fallout 4 Lootcrates are available again:

    It's $100US, $130 with international shipping.

    They already ran out once before, so you better get in quick. I got mine, have you got yours?

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  • Agent c

    News Digest - 29 Sept

    September 29, 2015 by Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News digest. We put our right hand in, we take our right hand out. We put our right hand in, and we shake it all about.

    In your edition this week:

    This week's pictures have been selected by Me. You can file your complaints with the shredder. Just reach in and take a form....

    Go on, Caption that, I dare you.

    Got this email today from the nice people at Bethesda

    We’re pleased to announce Fallout Anthology, the definitive PC collection from the award-winning Fallout® series, is now available in North America and will release throughout Europe on Friday, October 2.

    This premium collectible set features five critically-acclaimed games and official add-ons packaged together in an exclusive mini-nuke storage case complete with audible bomb sound - and includes a space reserved to add your copy of Fallout® 4 when it launches worldwide this November.

    This Fallout collection includes: · Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition o The Pitt o Operation: Anchorage o …

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  • Agent c

    News Digest - 11 Sept 2015

    September 11, 2015 by Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News digest. This week coming to you from the middle of nowhere - litterally, I’m in the Orkney Isles.

    In your edition this week

    This week's pictures have been selected by Miss Nukaturtle. Complainers beware - she is a snapping turtle...

    Go on, Caption that, Nukaturtle dares you.

    We recieved this press release from Bethesda HQ this week:

    Do you know what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

      Following total atomic annihilation, the rebuilding of this great nation of ours may fall to you. That’s why we at Vault-Tec have prepared this educational video series for you to better understand the seven defining attributes that make you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!

    Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck – all of these attributes will impact how you survive and thrive aboveground.

    Today we’ve released the first video in the series, starting, of course, with Strength. If you would like to share this video with your fellow citizens, we’ve included a YouTube embed …

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  • Paladin117

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest. I am your substitute news-geth, Paladin117!

    In your edition this week, we have:

    This week's pictures have been selected by our own Sigmund Freud Fraud.

    Go on, Caption that, Sigmund dares you.

    With the Attribution and Plagiarism policy closed, you can help decide our candidate for contacting the Vault

    OnionRings wishes to discuss how we name our articles

    KingClyde wants us to use more edit summaries

    Round 1 of the Fallout Apprentice has officially ended, you can find the results right here. With Indianaspace2 failing to make an entry, the other contestants will move on to create their own antagonists! May the best (worst?) villain win!

    Bethesda Softworks has released a bunch of their games on, or in our case re-released as Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics are now back in action! After being absent for over a year, the entire classics trilogy has returned to good old GOG and are temporarily 67% off, $9.99 for all three. They also come with Elder Scro…

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  • Agent c

    News Digest - 25 Aug

    August 24, 2015 by Agent c

    Welcome to the Nukapedia News Digest.

    In your edition this week

    This week's pictures have been selected by Gothic Archmage Neko. How does a cat get so many jobs anyway?

    Go on, Caption that, Neko dares you.

    You can vote on our new attribution and plagarism policies here.

    We’re trying to look at condensisng a number of very similar article here.

    Paladin wants to talk about power armour pages

    ‘’’Lastly, in response to some out of control forums I’ve posted this. Please read it and take note of it.’’’

    Some clickbait sites of questionable repute have claimed that The Elder Scrolls VI has been “Indefinately delayed” to focus on Fallout 4.

    Sites like Inquisitir (warning, advertisement overload, dodgy video ads that do no stop when told to, and other crimes that make my comp go into overload when clicked on) are running stories with copy like this

    Personally, I think this is a case of churning out a story out of a mis interpreted quote. If you’ll remember after Fallout 3 was released they made a big s…

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