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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Message box for New Reno Map Virgin Street.


{100}{}{Welcome to New Reno, the biggest little town in the world. Trashcan fires and neon signs bathe the city in a hellish glow.}
{101}{}{Before you is a dreary plain spotted with graves. Bloodied poles jut from the earth with the remains of dead bodies tied to them.}
{102}{}{This looks like an old electrical pre-war charging station. A graveyard of stripped cars surrounds the buildings.}
{103}{}{You have come to the Stables. A new chainlink fence surrounds the two farm section entrances.}
# family name
{222}{}{the Shark Club}
{223}{}{the Desperado}

# made man name
{314}{}{Monkey Boy}
{318}{}{Meat Cleaver}
{329}{}{Snake Eyes}
{335}{}{Reno Jimmy}
{340}{}{One-Eyed Jack}
{362}{}{Little Joe}
{363}{}{Ice Queen}
{372}{}{Fat Man}
{374}{}{Blue Lou}
{375}{}{Tommy the Gun}
{376}{}{Crazy Jane}
{379}{}{Nine Inch Nick}
# prizefighter name
{402}{}{Spinning Jenny}
{405}{}{Big Bad Muthuh}
{406}{}{Chosen One}
{407}{}{Raging Bull}
{410}{}{Glass Joe}
{411}{}{New Reno Nancy}
{412}{}{Bald Bull}
{416}{}{Iron Maiden}
{421}{}{Bad Grrrl}
{425}{}{Helen Wheels}
{426}{}{Tommy Gunn}
{427}{}{Black Widow}
{430}{}{Lightning }
{432}{}{Sister Steel}
{433}{}{Super Sledge}
{438}{}{Lady J}
{440}{}{Clubber Lang}
{444}{}{Ironhand Luke}
{446}{}{Doctor Fist}
{447}{}{Flying Nun}
{449}{}{Floyd Ray Willis}
{450}{}{Calamity Jane}
{452}{}{Bloody Murder}
{454}{}{Freight Train}
{455}{}{Super Vixen}
{456}{}{New Reno Jim}
{462}{}{Butch Coolidge}
{463}{}{Alley Cat}
{464}{}{Bad Mojo}
{472}{}{Judge Jury}
{475}{}{Mad Dog}
# special stupid names
{496}{}{Big Stu}
{499}{}{Your Name}
# porn star name
# male
{501}{}{Rodd Rokks}
{502}{}{Randy Mercury}
{503}{}{Freddy Barkwood}
{504}{}{Dick Mountenjoy}
{505}{}{Ronny Rection}
{506}{}{Phil Chambers}
{507}{}{Rod Sweat}
{508}{}{Jack Shooter}
{509}{}{Kurt Loader}
{510}{}{Rick Dripps}
{511}{}{Dick Seamen}
{512}{}{"The Polish Hammer"}
{513}{}{Doug Holes}
{514}{}{Cock of the Walk}
{515}{}{Vinnie LaJoya}
{516}{}{Sir Lance-a-lot}
{517}{}{Dick Smothers}
{518}{}{Jeremy Bolt}
{519}{}{Mr. Pink}
{520}{}{Ricky Rachtman}
{522}{}{Dave Handy}
{523}{}{Harry Canyon}
{524}{}{Richie Cunning Linguist}
{525}{}{Bret Bulge}
{526}{}{El Douche}
{527}{}{Johnson Long}
{528}{}{Ebineezer Screws}
{529}{}{Buck Fitch}
{530}{}{Arnold Swollenmember}
# female
{552}{}{Mable Syrup}
{553}{}{Amber Waves}
{554}{}{Lucy Loose}
{555}{}{Amy Ample}
{556}{}{Molly Mounds}
{557}{}{Honey Tits}
{558}{}{Patty Pitt}
{559}{}{Ophelia Balls}
{560}{}{Thelma Schoonmaker}
{561}{}{Alotta Fagina}
{562}{}{Carrie C}
{563}{}{Georgia O'Queef}
{564}{}{Jill Jacks}
{565}{}{Courtney Coxsleeve}
{566}{}{Maria Swallo}
{567}{}{Lady J}
{568}{}{Glenda Glenn}
{569}{}{Queen Elizabeth}
{570}{}{Jenna Jammison}
{571}{}{Bunny LaJoya}
{572}{}{Madame Butterfly}
{573}{}{Jenny X}
{574}{}{Sweet Jane}
{575}{}{Darlin' Nikki}
{577}{}{Suzy Q}
{578}{}{Corvega Sally}
{581}{}{Princess X}
{583}{}{Kissing Mary}
{584}{}{April Wine}
{585}{}{Ruby Red}
{586}{}{Christie Chipps}
{587}{}{Lisa Lix}
{589}{}{Alley Cat}
{590}{}{Lady Chatterfly}
{591}{}{The Postwoman}
{592}{}{Missus Holmes}
{593}{}{Debbie Dare}
{594}{}{Jessica Long}
{597}{}{Valerie Vixen}
{598}{}{Ruth Less}
# other boxer names
{700}{}{Mal Fisto}
{701}{}{Tony Gunn}
{702}{}{"Steel" Mark Torrance}
{703}{}{Xander "the Sure Thing" Holyland}
{706}{}{Sweet Jones}
{707}{}{Il Roche}
{710}{}{Big George}
{712}{}{Fat Johnny}
{716}{}{Glass Joe}
{718}{}{Tommy Gunn}
{751}{}{Pete McKneely}
{752}{}{Evan Holyfeld}
{753}{}{The Masticator}
{1000}{}{Jules leads you into the wrecked city blocks surrounding New Reno. You don't think you could have found this place on your own. Soon after you arrive, Jules vanishes.}
{1100}{}{The trail leads you into the wrecked city blocks surrounding New Reno.}
{1200}{}{You uncover a small metal cashbox. You wouldn't have found it if you weren't looking for it.}
{1300}{}{Cody leads you into the wrecked city blocks surrounding New Reno, then runs back the way he came. You don't think you could have found this place on your own.}
{1400}{}{You have defeated your first challenger.}
{1401}{}{You have defeated your second challenger.}
{1402}{}{You have defeated your third challenger.}
{1403}{}{You have defeated the Masticator!}
{1404}{}{You have become the Heavyweight Champion of New Reno.}
{1500}{}{You have convinced Mrs. Wright to destroy the stills.}
{1550}{}{You have witnessed the secret transaction.}
{1600}{}{In the heat of the fight, the Masticator tears your ear off.}
{1700}{}{Enraged, you tear the Masticators' ear off.}

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