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Can you help me? I'm looking for my lost virginity.

The prostitutes of New Reno are characters appearing in New Reno in 2241.


Since New Reno is a lawless city, these prostitutes offer their "services" to any traveler/tourist, while the pimps "advertise" them.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Companion: noIcon cross
Talking head: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Modifies items: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: noIcon cross

Effects of player's actionsEdit

If the Chosen One is a Prizefighter, Porn Star, wears power armor or has defeated the Enclave, their dialogue changes.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Clothing Switchblade
1-2 jet
Empty hypodermic


  • They are one of the most comical characters in Fallout 2 and (perhaps) in the series.
  • The prostitutes will dislike female Porn Stars. On the other hand, they will like male ones... a lot.

Notable quotesEdit

"Normal" quotesEdit

  • "My job? I turn boys into MEN."
  • "Can you help me? I'm looking for my lost virginity."
  • "Wanna pretend we're deathclaws in mating season?"
  • "I'm a virgin. I'm just not very good at it."
  • "I'd rather be with Avellone."
  • "Yes, they ARE real, and NO, you can't check them."
  • "I guarantee I'm better than that Pip Boy attachment you've been using."
  • "Forget the slot machines, my payoff is MUCH better."
  • "You ain't neverIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic had love 'til you had Reno love."
  • "I was with Myron last night. For about five seconds."
  • "I need help getting out of this dress."
  • "I wish Gen Con took place in some other place."
  • "You got the craving, I got the saving."
  • "Still don't know why they call it Virgin Street..."
  • "Looking for Eden? Right here, honey."

Slaver quotesEdit

Male slaver quotesEdit

  • "Why don't you take me back to your cage, slaver?"
  • "You're a frisky slaver, aren't you?"
  • "Nasty little crotch cobra you got there, slaver."

Female slaver quotesEdit

  • "You make my Geiger counter tick, slaver-girl."
  • "Feeling experimental, slaver-girl? Prove it."
  • "Where's the fire, slaver-girl?"

Porn Star quotesEdit

Male quotesEdit

  • "Getting... weak. Can't... hold out... much longer. Must... have... sex... with you..."
  • "Can I have your autograph? On my chest?"
  • "Oops. I dropped something in your pants. Let me get it."
  • "Mmmm-mmmm. How do you keep so fit?"

Female quotesEdit

  • "If it ain't little-miss-porn-star..."
  • "Uglier than a brahmin's ass."
  • "You are talented as my shoe."
  • "Well, if it isn't grand Queen Turd."

Prizefighter quotesEdit

  • "Want to jump in ring with me, champ?"
  • "Need someone to take care of that for you, champ?"
  • "You make me weak, you know that?"

Power armor quotesEdit

  • "Look, pal, if you want to do it, you'll have to get outta there; the metal hurts and leaves scars."
  • "Is that some new kind of vibrator?"
  • "Are you sure you aren't looking for a car wash?"
  • "Am I going to need the Jaws of Life to get you outta there?"
  • "You must be really afraid of STDs to be in that thing."

End game quotesEdit

  • "Kiss me, you Enclave-busting animal."
  • "Hey, if you want a freebie after saving the world, I'm sure you can talk me into it..."
  • "We miss Tim Cain. He used to cook wonderful bread. Then he would spank us like small children."
  • "They were still fighting the WAR? Really! Good thing you wasted those bastards."
  • "You are a total badass. I mean, you start from a single spear-chuncking tribal - no offense - and go on to save the world. You kick ass. End of story."
  • "New Reno was designed by Chris Avellone and Tom French. Both of them are sexual GODS."
  • "You say Locutus served with the Enclave? And I gave that bastard for free!"
  • "Tim Cain? Yeah, he's one of my regulars."
  • "Tell me everything about your fight with the Enclave."


The New Reno prostitutes only appear in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenesEdit

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