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New California Republic Army
founded byAradesh
Tandi (2196)
Joanna Tibbett (2248)
Wendell Peterson (2253)
Aaron Kimball (2273)
Chief of Staff:
General Lee Oliver (2281)
Chief Ranger:
Chief Elise (2241)
Chief Hanlon (2281)
Mojave commanders:
Colonel James Hsu (Camp McCarran)
Major Dhatri (Camp McCarran)
Colonel Cassandra Moore (Hoover Dam)
Colonel Royez (Long 15)
Major Knight (Mojave Outpost)
Major Joseph Polatli (Forlorn Hope)
Captain Parker (Aerotech)
Captain Gilles (Bitter Springs)
Lieutenant Gorobets (1st Recon Alpha Team)
Lieutenant Hayes (Primm)
headquartersNew California Republic
locationsCore Region
Mojave Wasteland
belongs toNew California Republic
divisions1st Recon
Heavy Infantry Corps
Mechanized Division
Air Force
Field Preparations Division
appearancesFallout 2
Fallout: New Vegas
Van Buren

You are the great western light of California, torchbearers in the darkness, living reminders of all that is best in our republic.

President Kimball

The New California Republic Army is the standing defense force of the New California Republic and the largest known armed force in the post-nuclear United States.


The origins of the military are not detailed, however, by 2241 it was the largest standing force in the Core Region, composed of several divisions, including special (mechanized) cavalry and other mechanized units. The New California Republic Rangers was a special forces unit incorporated into the military, but with a separate chain of command.

An early major engagement of the military was the Sacking of Navarro during the brief NCR-Enclave War, where the NCR, alongside the Brotherhood of Steel, overran the Enclave's last known stronghold after the Chosen One destroyed the Enclave's base of operations on the Poseidon Oil Rig. While the casualties on the NCR's side were tremendous, the Brotherhood of Steel finished off the remaining Enclave soldiers stationed there, with only a few managing to escape into the wastes.

The military has continued to grow and serve NCR's interests, securing its expansion and protecting territories under its control. It has distinguished itself both in its near destruction of various raider tribes such as the Vipers, the Jackals, and the Khans, and in the war against the Brotherhood of Steel.

By 2281 they were the largest armed forces in the entire Mojave Wasteland, rivaled only by Caesar's Legion, who were gathering their forces for another attack on Hoover Dam. The Republic protected Vegas and outlying territories, though the stalemate with the Legion forced them to stretch their forces thin along the Colorado River. This resulted in the loss of Camp Searchlight and Nelson to frumentarii attacks.


Troopers are volunteer and conscripted forces in the NCR's military. They vary widely in devotion, experience, and even in basic equipment. What they lack in consistency they make up for in numbers.

Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

The military's organization is inspired by the pre-War American structure, although adapted to the much smaller population of the wastelands. The standard level of organization of infantry forces is the battalion, which in turn is divided into companies under the command of a Captain. Companies are in turn divided up into platoons (Lieutnant Hayes in Primm is in charge of a platoon which belong to the 1st Company, 5th Battalion) and these divided into squads, created at the Commanding Officer's discretion, typically led by a sergeant or other non-commissioned officer (For exemple, sergeant Lee, who could also be Hayes' platoon sergeant).

Other units in the military, separate from the army, include NCR Recon, (1st Recon being its best outfit), NCR Heavy Infantry Corps (under direct command of General Lee Oliver), medical corps, logistics corps (quartermasters are typically non-commissioned officers) and NCR military police.

Military bases of the Army (typically called Camps) are always under the command of a commissioned officer (usually a major e.g. Polatli or Knight). Larger ones, (e.g. Camp McCarran), that train recruits, will also have Drill Sergeants.

Relations with the outsideEdit

The NCR's military doesn't like being in the role of "peace-keeper". Crimes across the Mojave are typically punished by death.

Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

As the armed forces of the NCR, matters of diplomacy are left to be decided by the civilian branch of the government, (the president and the congress). Outsiders' view of the military depends on their relationship with the NCR.



The service rifle, workhorse of the NCR Army

The NCR military prizes durability and reliability above all else. As such, NCR troopers utilize mass produced weapons made from durable materials (such as steel and wood) that perform reliably and can survive harsh treatment. The basic primary weapon is a semi-automatic 5.56mm service rifle. Troopers can also be equipped with hunting rifles, or varmint rifles and caravan shotguns when they are short on better weapons. The M&A 9mm Pistol is the standard sidearm of all members of the Army.

All of these weapons are provided by the Gun Runners, who handle a majority of the weapons contracts of the army. Complementing these weapons is the standardized NCR armor supplied by the Crimson Caravan company. It consists of a reinforced leather breastplate on the torso and upper back, supported by leather shoulder-pads worn over brown fatigues.

Although modest, this equipment is superior to equipment employed by most adversaries of the NCR, namely raiders, nomadic tribes or the numerous recruit legionaries of Caesar, who are rarely sent into battle wielding more than a mere machete or crude pistols.

Their basic training regimen consists of a two to three week series of abbreviated tutelage on weapons familiarity and explosive ordinance handling, along with intense physical conditioning. The reason for this is to have their troops field ready as soon as possible to meet the fitted needs for personnel size based on their mission, especially with the Mojave Occupation where troops are killed daily.

The Heavy Infantry Corps are much better trained and equipped than the standard grunts. They are equipped with NCR salvaged power armor, suits of scavenged T-45d power armor from the NCR's war with the Brotherhood of Steel, giving them superior protection than the standard soldiers. They carry heavy weaponry, such as the high-capacity light machine gun, ranged flamethrowers called incinerators, and even missile launchers (albeit rarely used).

In addition to the Heavy Infantry Corps, there is also an entirely separate special forces branch known as the NCR Rangers. Most Rangers wear NCR-designed Ranger patrol armor, while veterans opt for the so-called Black Armor: a traditional Desert Ranger trenchcoat worn together with a pre-War 3rd generation combat armor and matching helmet. They also have access to superior weapons, such as trail carbines, Ranger Sequoias, anti-materiel rifles, and brush guns.

The NCR make use of salvaged pre-War weapons and equipment as well. Hoover Dam is protected by an anti-aircraft gun capable of firing flak shells to bring down aircraft.

Air forceEdit

The NCR has limited airpower, with a fleet of captured Vertibirds for special missions, with at least one Vertibird being reserved as the president's personal vehicle ("Bear Force One").

While the NCR has fixed-wing aircraft in its possession, it is unknown how many are operable and whether they yet possess the ability to reproduce them.

Mechanized divisionEdit

The New California Republic has a mechanized vehicle division. However, the exact number and the type of vehicles in the division is unknown.[1][2] The logistics corps employ several scavenged US Army trucks for transport. These are kept running by a dedicated team of mechanics and well-stocked workshops, such as the truck repair depot at Camp McCarran.


The New California Republic has gone to war several times. A chronological order of the wars they fought are as followed:



The New California Republic Army appears in Fallout: New Vegas and it is mentioned in Fallout 2 and covered in the Fallout Bible.


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