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The network scanner is a holotape in Fallout 4. The player can insert this holotape into one of the Institute terminals to infiltrate their network and recover information.


The tape can be given to the Sole Survivor by Sturges during the quest Inside Job or by Proctor Ingram during Outside the Wire.

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  • If this item is given to Sturges or Proctor Ingram, then taken back via pickpocket or some other means, it will remain in the player's inventory as a quest item provided the player chooses a different course of action other than the Nuclear Option.
  • It is possible to give both Sturges and Proctor Ingram the holotape by first giving it to Sturges. Go to Elder Maxson, who will discuss the Sole Survivor's time in the Institute. Afterwards, the quest Outside the Wire will be given, prompting the Sole Survivor to grab a copy of the holotape from Sturges and give it to Proctor Ingram.


  • If the holotape is activated from within the Pip-Boy it will still say "Internal Network Detected" and then stay there until the Pip-Boy button is pressed again to exit the tape.
  • pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone If using a Xbox controller on a PC the on screen instructions to press X to insert the holotape are wrong. The correct instruction should be press A to insert the holotape and X to remove it. Rules minded people can appear to be stuck in the Institute if trying to follow the instructions.

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