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This is a transcript for dialogue with Mini Boomers.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Woah! You're the outsider! What are you doing here? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey! Do they have any toys outside of here? I sure could use something fun. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Roar! {Roars like a dinosaur} I'm a dinosaur! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 This is mission control, ready for liftoff. What's your 5 by 5? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Halt! You must pay the toll to pass! 5
GREETING Neutral 50 Put up your dukes! I'm the Red-Brick Kid! 6
GREETING Neutral 50 I am La Fantoma! I will fly to the side of injustice! 7
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid01Topic000 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Okay, see ya! 8
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid01Topic001 [Offer Toy Rocket] Hey there. I have a nice toy rocket for you. Neutral 50 This is spiffy! Thanks! 9
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid01Topic003 [Offer Radiactive Gum] Hey kid, I have some gum here. It is good for you! Neutral 50 No way! Pearl said that stuff will get us sick! 10
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid01Topic006 That's right. I've battled giant mutated animals, crazed raiders, and braved many other dangers. Neutral 50 {Awed} Wow, you sound {emphasized} awesome. 11
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid02Topic000 You don't need toys, I bet you can get a fun game of Boomers and targets. Neutral 50 That is a neat idea. I'll be the spotter. I'll find someone to play the target. 12
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid02Topic001 [Offer Toy Rocket] I found this rocket toy you can have. Neutral 50 A rocket! Yay! {Rocket sounds} Vrooom! 13
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid02Topic003 [Offer Radiactive Gum] Here you go kid, gum is fun! Neutral 50 Ick! My big sister got super sick chewing that stuff! 14
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid02Topic004 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Bye then. {Still excited} 15
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid03Topic000 [Offer Dinosaur Toy] Oh, then I bet you'd love this dinosaur toy. Neutral 50 I sure would! Thanks a billion! 16
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid03Topic001 I'm a vicious velociraptor. ROAR! Neutral 50 Ooo, you know a lot about dinosaurs. 17
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid03Topic003 [Offer Radiactive Gum] I hear dinosaurs like gum. Neutral 50 Nuh uh! That gum gets dinosaurs sick. 18
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid03Topic004 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Okay, see ya! 19
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid04Topic000 I bet when you get bigger you'll be able to fly your own plane. Neutral 50 You bet I will, I'm almost old enough to fly in the VR sims. That'll be awesome! 20
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid04Topic002 Mission control, you can't fly without a rocket. Here take this toy rocket. Neutral 50 This is spiffy! Thanks! 21
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid04Topic003 [Offer Radioactive Gum] Astronauts chew space gum. Neutral 50 No way, I hear that stuff rots your brain and stuff. 22
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid04Topic004 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Okay, see ya! 23
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid05Topic000 I have no money for your toll, surely you will let a fair traveller pass through your gate. Neutral 50 {Thoughtful} Very well traveller{difficulty with the word} . You may pass.{laughs} 24
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid05Topic002 [Offer Toy Rocket] Hmm, will this rocket cover my toll? Neutral 50 You may pass! 25
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid05Topic003 [Offer Radioactive Gum] Here take this gum instead. Neutral 50 This toll only accepts toys, and that gum is gross. 26
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid05Topic004 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Okay, see ya! 27
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid06Topic000 [Offer Toy Dinosaur] Woah there Red-Brick, why don't you box with this dinosaur toy. Neutral 50 Great! I've been wanting a new toy! 28
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid06Topic001 <Mock Surrender> Woah, no way I'm fighting with the mighty Red-Brick. Neutral 50 You better believe it. I'll knock your block off! 29
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid06Topic003 [Offer Chems] You know what will help you box better? Psycho, would you like some? Neutral 50 Red-Brick never touches chems! That stuff will tear you up! 30
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid06Topic004 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Okay, see ya! 31
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid07Topic000 Oh mighty Fantoma, I hope one day I can fight for the forces of good by your side! Neutral 50 Yes! It has been a long time since La Fantoma had a good sidekick! 32
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid07Topic001 I believe La Fantoma could use a rocket toy to enhancer her flight. Neutral 50 La Fantoma needs no rocket... But this one is pretty awesome! 33
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid07Topic002 [Offer Radiactive Gum] Does La Fantoma need some power gum? Neutral 50 La Fantoma doesn't want to ge sick again! No nasty gum for her! 34
VFreeformNellisNellisBoomerKid07Topic003 I'm just passing through. Neutral 50 Okay, see ya! 35