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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the ring announcer in the Jungle Gym.


{100}{}{Ladies and Gentlemen!}
{101}{}{Boys and Girls!}
{102}{}{Tonight's match is brought to you by...}
{104}{}{When you absolutely HAVE to have something to drink and don't care what it is...}
{105}{}{Choose Rot gut!}
{123}{}{...Gamma Gulp Beer!}
{124}{}{When your skin's lacking that "special glow"...}
{125}{}{Choose Gamma Gulp Beer!}
{143}{}{...the Cat's Paw!}
{144}{}{When you got that itch that you NEED to scratch..}
{145}{}{Head to the Cat's Paw!}
{163}{}{...New Reno Arms!}
{164}{}{When you need to kill someone from a safe distance...}
{165}{}{Come to New Reno Arms!}
{106}{}{In this corner, the challenger, weighing in at }
{1106}{}{ pounds, fresh from the wasteland and new to New Reno, }
{107}{}{And in this corner...weighing in at }
{1107}{}{ pounds, you KNOW him, you LOVE him... }
{108}{}{So, without further ado...}
{109}{}{Let's get reeeeeeeady to BEAT SOME ASS!}
{200}{}{And the wiiiiinnnner is...}
{201}{}{ means of knockout...}
{202}{}{ means of technical knockout...}
{203}{}{ means of disqualification...}
{204}{}{...with a score of }
{205}{}{ to }

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