The Navarro gas station is a location lying on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It looks like a typical Poseidon Oil Gasoline station, adjacent to a road and surrounded by a long dead forest. A single man wearing colorful purple robes, old Chris, lives here, talking to the odd traveler.

The station acts as a checkpoint for the Enclave's military base, Navarro - the sentry's role is to turn away any undesirables and receive replacement recruits from other mainland bases. He is supposed to clear them and direct through the minefield in the forest next to the station.


A simple gas station, with a forest. In the south-west is a vent (an access to the base), a road to north-west and inside is a direct entrance to the Navarro base.

Accessing the main baseEdit

The main base can be accessed through the exit grid to the north, leading to the entrance, a trap door in the shack leading to an access tunnel and the ventilation entrance on the edge of the forest to the west.


Navarro gas station appears only in Fallout 2.