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The Nahant Chapel is a location appearing in Fallout 4.


Abandoned church located on the Nahant Peninsula, North East of Boston. A level dependent mirelurk can be found nesting near the rear of the chapel, by the coast.

Raiders also patrol the area. There is a Minutemen base in the Nahant Bar and Restaurant directly west of the chapel that will clear the raiders when the patrol gets too close. These Minutemen may only be present after When Freedom Calls. [verification overdue] Be careful though, as that house may just as well be inhabited by hostile Children of Atom militants under siege by a Gunners squad, or super mutants being attacked by feral ghouls.


  • There's a miscellaneous quest associated with the chapel that is triggered by a settler's note. The note is found on a dead settler north of the Cabot House, right along the bridge that crosses the river.


The Nahant Chapel only appears in Fallout 4.

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