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This is a transcript for dialogue with Private Renolds.

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GREETING GREETING Fear 20 Thank goodness you're here. My squad needs help. 1
GREETING Happy 20 You're the courier I've heard so much about. My squad needs your assistance. 2
GREETING Neutral 20 So any word on my friends? 3
GREETING Neutral 20 I'm glad to see a fellow trooper. My squad is in trouble. 4
GREETING Neutral 20 Need something? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 The Legion are trouble. You should watch out. 6
GREETING Neutral 50 The road is dangerous. You better stay sharp. 7
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic000 Why are you out here alone? Fear 20 My squad was ambushed by a Legion party lead by that bastard Alexus. 8
Fear 20 He was taking us into the mine up ahead, but I managed to get away. I need help to get them out. 9
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic001 I'm busy right now. Disgust 20 If you want to be that way I'll leave you alone. 10
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic002 I'll take a look and see if there's anything I can do. Happy 20 That's already more than I was expecting. I'll keep watch to make sure no more Legion come up the road. Good Luck. 11
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic003 You sure they're still alive? Fear 10 There's a slim chance. But if the Legion wanted us dead, our heads would already be on pikes. 12
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic004 Extra encouragement would also increase their chances. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] I understand. Here's what I have on me. Now go before it's too late. 13
Extra encouragement would also increase their chances. Anger 20 [FAILED] This is an emergency. How can you be asking for payment? 14
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic006 The odds are too small. You're on your own. Sad 50 There's no way I can take on the Legion by myself. I'll be here if you change your mind. 15
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic008 I changed my mind. I'll save your squad. Happy 20 Really? I can't thank you enough. I'll wait here and watch the road. Good luck in there. 16
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic009 Your friends are safe. Happy 20 They must have run straight back to camp. I bet they didn't even stop and say thanks. 17
Happy 20 The NCR could use someone like you. Stop by our camps if you're looking for work. 18
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic010 They're still in the mine. Neutral 50 Can you hurry? I know those Legion bastards are tough but my friends won't last long with all the radiation in there. 19
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic012 Were they the NCR hostages in the mine? Fear 10 Were? What do you mean were? 20
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic013 They're already dead. Anger 50 Legion bastards. They'll pay for that. 21
VTechatticupNVTechatticupNCRRenoldsTopic014 I got them out alive. Happy 20 I was worried Alexus had already thrown them down a mineshaft. I'll run by camp and see how they're doing when I get a chance. Thanks for the help. 22