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Gametitle-FNV LR
Gametitle-FNV LR
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This is a transcript for dialogue with The Kid.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {This should sound like glitchy audio, cutting in and out, from multiple sources} <Music{Reminiscent of ED-E's fight music} >... RALPHIE... fly far, fly fast! {No sound file} 1
Neutral 50 {Feedback squeal, then the distortion fades to ED-E's normal beeping} <Excited beeping> 2
NVDLC04DialogueEDENVDLC04EDETopic083 {ED-E Audio Log 8 - Kid} Neutral 50 {Music, the full version of ED-E's combat theme song} RALPHIE, hurry! If mean old General Winters catches you, you'll never make it home! {No Sound File} 3
{ED-E Audio Log 8 - Kid} Neutral 50 No! RALPHIE, fly far! Fly fast! {No Sound File} 4
NVDLC04EDEAudioLog007 {ED-E Audio Log 7 - Little Boy} Neutral 50 Dad! Hey Dad! Check out this robot I found!{No sound file} 5
{ED-E Audio Log 7 - Little Boy} Neutral 50 He's not dangerous! Look, he's hurt! Can we take him home, Dad? Maybe Mom can fix him!{No sound file} 6
{ED-E Audio Log 7 - Little Boy} Neutral 50 {Pleading} Please? He looks so lonely! Maybe if Mom fixes him, he can help her out around the garage?{No sound file} 7
{ED-E Audio Log 7 - Little Boy} Neutral 50 Yay! He'll be just like RALPHIE, only this one's not a toy!{No sound file} 8

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