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Gametitle-FNV OWB
Gametitle-FNV OWB
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Countdown.

Topics Edit

NVDLC03X8Countdown01 NVDLC03X8Countdown01 Neutral 50 And one... as in MOBIUS has won! {Evil laugh}I hope it's blowing up right now in your faces.{2D} 1
NVDLC03X8Countdown02 NVDLC03X8Countdown02 Neutral 50 TWO AS IN TOO LATE.{2D} 2
NVDLC03X8Countdown03 NVDLC03X8Countdown03 Neutral 50 *Mobius?! Uh, three as in we, as in we are in trouble. That didn't rhyme.*{2D} 3
NVDLC03X8Countdown04 NVDLC03X8Countdown04 Neutral 50 Four as in 4-BIDDEN! Do you hear me Think Tank? It is I, Mobius, hacking your frequencosity.{2D} 4
NVDLC03X8Countdown05 NVDLC03X8Countdown05 Surprise 10 *Five by five... {pauses}someone's coming in live...*{2D} 5
NVDLC03X8Countdown06 NVDLC03X8Countdown06 Fear 50 -SIX! Halfway to destruction, measured in clicks!-''{2D}'' 6
NVDLC03X8Countdown07 NVDLC03X8Countdown07 Neutral 50 SEVEN. YES, SEVEN.{2D} 7
NVDLC03X8Countdown08 NVDLC03X8Countdown08 Neutral 50 }@[$((*#8#%]@@.''{2D}'' ''{AUDIO: "8, counting down."}'' 8
NVDLC03X8Countdown09 NVDLC03X8Countdown09 Neutral 50 Nine, all will be fine.{2D} 9
NVDLC03X8Countdown10 NVDLC03X8Countdown10 Disgust 50 *Ten? Borous... why the hell did you install an atomic core?! It'll blow when we reach "one," right?*{2D} 10
NVDLC03X8CountdownOpening NVDLC03X8CountdownOpening Fear 50 -Gabe! NO! His Cyberdog atomic core - it's ACTIVE! That means an exceedingly IMPRECISE countdown to critical failure in...-''{2D}'' 11

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