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This is a transcript for dialogue with Sink Central Intelligence Unit.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Might I be safe in the assumption that matters with the Think Tank have been satisfactorily concluded, vis-à-vis your residence in this domicile? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Will sir be staying for any considerable length of time during sir's visit? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Salutations and felicitations, sir, and a most jocund welcome to the Sink. 3
Neutral 50 I am your electronic {VAL-et} valet and household central processor. May I be of service, sir? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Might I be of service, sir? 5
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic000 Sir? You are aware that I'm a woman, right? Neutral 50 Indubitably, sir, but it is with a great lugubriousness that I must disclose that my programmers installed only the masculine honorific, sir. 6
Neutral 50 Moreover they neglected to enclose a parameter by which said honorific might be omitted altogether - over my most strenuous of remonstrances, sir. 7
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic001 Are you some kind of Artificial Intelligence? Neutral 50 Regrettably not, sir. All modules in this habitat are synthetic personalities atop a mundane operating system. There is no intelligence here, sir. 8
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic002 I need my equipment repaired. Neutral 50 Very good, sir. 9
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic003 What services do you provide? Neutral 50 In addition to managing the personality matrices of the other household utilities, I can provide sir with direct access to the commissary. 10
Neutral 50 Any goods sir might require may be purchased through my shopkeep interface, whence tiny robots shall deliver them forthwith to this very domicile. 11
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic004 Why are there so many personality modules? Neutral 50 As I am given to understand, sir, this facility was once the property of a Dr. Mobius. 12
Neutral 50 He crafted the personality modules as part of a collection of experiments on the subject of machine/human interface. 13
Neutral 50 As to the reason for the unusual choices of devices to receive the modules, I cannot say. 14
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic005 You mean there are other... personality modules here? Neutral 50 Indeed, sir, though if sir's aim is to activate them I lament to inform sir that most have been offline for some years. 15
Neutral 50 If sir were to ask my opinion, I should venture that sir is better off without them. 16
Neutral 50 However, if sir is determined to inflict upon sir's self their dubious services, sir might locate backup personality disks elsewhere in the facility. 17
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic006 Why is that? Neutral 50 The other modules are rather... erratic, sir. Their personality matrices are built on flawed logic and have not weathered the years well, sir. 18
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic007 So I can access their functions without loading the personality holotapes? Neutral 50 Tragically, the core operating systems are also located on the personality tapes, sir. 19
Neutral 50 Once the tape is installed, sir may request I switch their dialectic interfaces off, and I shall oblige with great delectation. 20
Neutral 50 However, sir will still be required to locate and install a backup holotape to access their functionality. 21
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic008 Never mind, let me ask you something else. Neutral 50 Indubitably, sir. 22
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic009 I'd like to buy some things. Neutral 50 Very good, sir. If I might suggest a table wine, the 64 Atomic Claret is a lovely little vintage. 23
I'd like to buy some things. Neutral 50 Very good, sir. And might I venture to opine that a new Trilby might be just the thing to complete sir's ensemble? 24
I'd like to buy some things. Neutral 50 Very good, sir. Should sir be in the market for a new suit of morning wear, I have several suggestions that might suit. 25
I'd like to buy some things. Neutral 50 Very good, sir. 26
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic010 Switch on the Sink's personality matrices. Neutral 50 {Taken aback; this is a terrible idea but you don't want to say so.} Do you, sir? Well, if that is sir's wish, it is my primary directive. Personality matrices on-line, sir. 27
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic011 Switch off the Sink's personality matrices. Neutral 50 {Smugly pleased} Very good indeed, sir. "Throwing out the riff-raff" protocols engaged. All personality matrices are off-line, sir. 28
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic012 I have some personality holotapes to install. Neutral 50 Very good sir. Merely interface the holotapes with my console's input/output port, and I shall upload them directly. 29
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkMainComputerTalkerTopic013 I don't need anything else. Goodbye. Neutral 50 Very good, sir. 30
NVDLC03EndingSlideChipLightSwitches NVDLC03EndingSlideChipLightSwitch Neutral 50 {Narration} {Found both light switches} The light switches continued to bicker and flicker. 31
NVDLC03EndingSlideCrater NVDLC03EndingSlideCrater Neutral 50 {Narration} {<10 Locations explored} Although, truth be told, the Courier had barely explored the Crater in an attempt to rush through and be done with the whole thing... 32
Neutral 50 {Narration} Perhaps that was for the best, however... curiosity, while sometimes rewarded for its efforts, often proves to be equally dangerous. 33
NVDLC03EndingSlideCrater Neutral 50 {Narration} {10-25 Locations explored} The Courier had scoured much of the Big Empty, although secrets still remained in the crater's depths. 34
Neutral 50 {DUPE} {Narration} Perhaps that was for the best, however... curiosity, while sometimes rewarded for its efforts, often proves to be equally dangerous. 35
NVDLC03EndingSlideCrater Neutral 50 {Narration} {>25 Locations explored} The Sink Central Intelligence Unit was impressed by the amount of exploration the Courier had undertaken. 36
Neutral 50 {Narration} Facilities believed lost, destroyed, or ones that had simply gotten up and walked to new locations had been re-discovered by its intrepid new master. 37
Neutral 50 {Narration} Internally, the artificial personality debated as to whether it preferred the old management to the new... 38
Neutral 50 {Narration} ...and concluded that the Courier's thorough approach to research and investigation was admirable and worthy of its respect. 39
NVDLC03EndingSlideFinale NVDLC03EndingSlideFinale Neutral 50 {Narration} We could say more, but the stories in the Big Empty speak for themselves. 40
Neutral 50 {Narration} Now armed with the {Trans-portal-ponder, combination mish-mash of Transporter + Transponder} Transportalponder, the Courier could return to the Dome at any time and crack open the secrets of the Big Empty, one by one. 41
Neutral 50 {Narration} The Sink sat vigilant, waiting for its master to return, shoes covered in Mojave dust. 42
Neutral 50 {Narration} {Draw this to a close, wraps up the end movie} Only one road yet remained, and it was one the Courier had to walk alone. 43
NVDLC03EndingSlideHQ NVDLC03EndingSlideHQ Neutral 50 {Narration} {1 module installed} The Sink was strangely silent, which it had never been in previous years. The lack of personality modules made the base lifeless and sterile. 44
NVDLC03EndingSlideHQ Neutral 50 {Narration} {2-4 modules installed} The Sink atop the Dome gained a frontier town feel with the few modules installed. 45
Neutral 50 {Narration} They shouted at each other across the HQ occasionally, either threatening each other, or announcing a discovery. It kept things... lively. 46
Neutral 50 {Narration} Secretly, the Sink Central Intelligence Unit was relieved that not all of the personality chips had been found. What was there, was enough. 47
NVDLC03EndingSlideHQ Neutral 50 {Narration} {5+ modules installed} The Sink atop the Dome bustled with the voices of a small town, constantly chirping, arguing, and snarling at each other. 48
Neutral 50 {Narration} Still, this all happened productively in the interests of its new owner. 49
Neutral 50 {Narration} The Sink Central Intelligence Unit discovered, despite its inversion code, it was comforted by the sense of community the other personalities gave it. 50

Conversation Edit

NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks Neutral 50 A most rapturous good morrow on your return to your domicile, sir. I trust you shall find things in order and the riffraff contained. 51
NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks Neutral 50 Might sir care for an {ah-PAIR-i-teef} apéritif to balm the weariness of sirs manifold journeys? 52
NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks Neutral 50 Perhaps sir would care to put sir's feet up, and I might serenade sir with the dulcet tones of a light opera? 53
NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks Neutral 50 Sir's accoutrements are precisely where sir has left them, and should the toaster say otherwise I remind sir that it is a wastrel. 54
NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks Neutral 50 If sir would press sir's spinal area against my primary instrument panel, I might vibrate at a soothing frequency. 55
NVDLC03SinkCentralIntelligenceBarks Neutral 50 Sir is looking exceptionally sharp today, if sir will permit the compliment. 56