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This is a transcript for dialogue with Book Chute.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 I never trusted those Think Tank brains. Gave off a stench like ivory tower elitism. And brine. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome home, Citizen! Find any seditious materials out there? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {Groggy, just "waking up"} Ah! Good day, Citizen! Library Processing Unit 232.7 is on-line and ready to eradicate sedition! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Greetings, Citizen! Ready to receive seditious materials! 4
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic000 Eradicate sedition? Neutral 50 Of course, Citizen! That's my duty and sole joy in life! All those books from before the War, full of seditious, treasonous, {emph} complicated thoughts! 5
Neutral 50 Just dump them in and lickety-split I'll have them pulped, scrubbed clean, and pressed out again clean and white and sedition free! 6
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic001 I have some seditious material for you to process. Neutral 50 Fantastic, Citizen! Just input your quantity of seditious material on my interface, and in no time at all I'll have you a beautiful, clean book! 7
Neutral 50 Won't that keep you happy and docile, Citizen? 8
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic002 Nothing right now. Goodbye. Neutral 50 Stay loyal, Citizen! 9
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic003 So you make blank books? What's the point of that? Neutral 50 Blank books are better for the mind, Citizen! Real science by real men in lab coats has proved that introducing outside thoughts confuses the brain! 10
Neutral 50 Blank books encourage the reader not to question, but to blindly and zealously accept what's put in front of him! 11
Neutral 50 Also, I suppose you could use them to keep a journal. 12
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic004 But those books are our last legacy of the time before! You can't destroy them! Neutral 50 Citizen, that sounds dangerously seditious. If my re-indoctrination module was installed, I'd take care of that for you. 13
Neutral 50 Sadly, that system was cut for budget concerns, so you'll have to perform your own indoctrination. 14
Neutral 50 Now, to begin with, you'll need a cage that can fit over your head and a sack of Mole Rats... 15
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic005 Blank books, huh? Yeah, I think I can find a use for those. Neutral 50 Now you're thinking like a citizen, Citizen! 16
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic006 I had some other questions. Neutral 50 Questions are dangerously close to independent thought, citizen. 17
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic007 Can you do anything besides processing books? Neutral 50 What good is eradicating sedition if the malcontents have ready access to the means to make more, Citizen? I can also process pencils and clipboards! 18
Neutral 50 Wait a moment - pencil processors off-line? {Hysterical} Pencil processors off-line?! Apologies, Citizen, it seems traitors have absconded with that module. 19
Neutral 50 If you can find a backup copy of the module, I will happily eradicate your ability to create seditious literature! 20
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03SinkBookChuteTalkerTopic009 I found a backup copy of your... pencil processor. Neutral 50 Excellent! Now I can turn pencils and clipboards into items more useful to society... like lead, spare parts, and duct tape! 21
NVDLC03EndingSlideChipBookChute NVDLC03EndingSlideChipBookChute Neutral 50 {Narration} The Book Chute continued to devour all seditious materials until it nearly choked on a paper clip. 22
Neutral 50 {Narration} It adamantly maintained it was a {emph} Chinese paper clip, and the whole thing had been an elaborately orchestrated assassination attempt. 23
Neutral 50 {Narration} Whatever the reason, it slowed down for a while, carefully appraising each document and clipboard that came to it. 24


NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks Neutral 50 {Alarm} Look out! Communist! {Calm} No, false alarm. It was just a plate. 25
NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks Neutral 50 The Commies have eyes everywhere, Citizen. And that means they're not just Commies. They're {emph} Peeping Toms! 26
NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks Neutral 50 If you haven't found any Communists in your back yard, {dramatic emphasis} you're not looking hard enough! 27
NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks Neutral 50 {Sniffing noises} I smell... sedition! 28
NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks Neutral 50 Citizen! Did you know that Communists have an organ behind their eyes that converts salt water into fresh? Or, wait... is that penguins? 29
NVDLC03SinkBookChuteBarks Neutral 50 If you know what the word {pro-le-TARE-i-at} "proletariat" means, do you know what that makes you? Well read and {AIR-oo-dite} erudite... for a Communist! 30