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This is a transcript for dialogue with Muggy.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Please, please, {emph} please tell me you stomped Dr. O's brain into a fine paste! Did he squeal? Did he beg? God, I hope he begged! 1
Neutral 50 {towering rage} Who's the flatware bitch now, O?! 2
GREETING Neutral 50 I hate myself for asking this, but... did you bring me any new mugs?{Deeply agonized sigh} 3
GREETING Neutral 50 You! Hey, you! Yeah you! Got any mugs? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh please, {pleading emphasis} please tell me you brought me some coffee cups! 5
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic000 Mugs? Why do you want mugs? Neutral 50 Why do {emph} you want mugs? Huh? You some kind of sick mug hoarder? Oh god, give me the coffee cup, please! It's sitting there in your pack, {emph} taunting me! 6
Neutral 50 {Calming down} Sorry... I'm sorry. I got a little carried away. {Getting worked up again} It's just all those goddamn dirty dishes out there with no one to clean them! It breaks my heart! 7
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic001 Who are you? Neutral 50 {Almost crying with joy} You... you really want to know about... me? No one ever asks about Muggy! You've made me so happy! 8
Neutral 50 Maybe you've seen some of those big, imposing Securitrons with their lovely laser guns and rocket launchers and scary faces? I'm not one of those. 9
Neutral 50 Dr. O was always jealous of House Industries, and he thought it would be fucking hilarious to build a tiny neurotic Securitron. Big fucking laugh. 10
Neutral 50 So, umm... you got any coffee cups for me now? 11
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic002 Here, take whatever you want. Neutral 50 Oh, sweet, sweet fulfillment! I'll break these down for you just as fast as I can! 12
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic003 Sorry, I don't have any. Neutral 50 Of course you don't. Why would you? You're not an insane robot obsessed with coffee cups. To you they're just worthless junk. 13
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic004 Got to go. Neutral 50 Sure. Nobody wants to hang out with Muggy. I get it. So long, pal. 14
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic005 You seem really obsessed with mugs. Neutral 50 Of course I'm obsessed! They made me this way! You think I don't know how crazy I sound? Of course I do! They programmed me to know that, too! 15
Neutral 50 They made me just to torture me. But you know, it's the neglect that hurts the most. {If you can do an impression of Dr. Klein here, awesome} "Hey everybody, let's turn ourselves into robot brains in jars!" 16
Neutral 50 Do you know how many coffee cups giant robot brains in jars use on a daily basis? Not fucking many! 17
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic006 What do you do with the mugs? Neutral 50 I'm supposed to keep them clean - oh, God, the thought of all those dirty dishes out there makes me crazy! 18
Neutral 50 Most of them are probably beyond saving now. The only thing left is break them down and process them for raw materials. I guess you could have those. 19
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic007 Let's change the subject. Neutral 50 Is the new subject mugs? 20
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic009 Can you do anything else? Neutral 50 Anything else, he asks. Like I don't long for the chance to be more than a neurotic busboy. 21
Can you do anything else? Neutral 50 Huh! Anything else, she asks. Like I don't long for the chance to be more than a neurotic busboy. 22
Can you do anything else? Neutral 50 If you must know, at one point Dr. Mobius programmed me to manufacture electronic components in my central chassis. 23
Neutral 50 That module got corroded when the Toaster spilled hot crumbs down my vents, though. If you find a back-up somewhere, I could maybe do that for you. 24
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic011 Have you made any electronic components? Neutral 50 Yup, here you go. 25
Have you made any electronic components? Neutral 50 Sorry, no more today. Try me again tomorrow. 26
NVDLC03DialogueHQBuddiesNVDLC03MuggyTopic012 I found that upgrade disk you were looking for. Neutral 50 Ho-ho, thank God! Finally, something resembling a useful purpose! 27
NVDLC03EndingSlideChipMuggy NVDLC03EndingSlideChipMuggy Neutral 50 {Narration} {Higgs Village not discovered} Muggy continued to collect coffee cups until his wheel got a flat just out of reach of a dirty coffee cup, and his tiny robotic brain exploded. 28
NVDLC03EndingSlideChipMuggy Neutral 50 {Narration} {Higgs Village was discovered} Muggy did his best to collect coffee cups, although in his quest, he accidentally trapped himself in Higgs' Village. 29
Neutral 50 {Narration} It might have been the end for poor Muggy. 30
Neutral 50 {Narration} Except... he found it peaceful there, tidying up the kitchens of the Think Tank Professors back when they had been flesh and bone. 31
Neutral 50 {Narration} {To himself} Well, except for Dr. O, who was an asshole for having created Muggy in the first place. 32
Neutral 50 {Narration} {Proudly defiant} Muggy left O's house deliberately dirty, punishing the dishes and cups that lived there in blind revenge for serving Dr. O. 33

Conversation Edit

NVDLC03HQBuddiesCheer NVDLC03HQBuddiesCheer Neutral 50 <Cheering> 34
NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks Neutral 50 The toaster. Beware the toaster. If it could, it would burn the world. 35
NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks Neutral 50 {Singing to himself} Mugs, mugs, mugs! Mugs, mugs, mugs! Mug-a-mug! Mug-a-mug! Mugs! {Hysterical rage} God, why can't I stop singing this fucking song? 36
NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks Neutral 50 While you were out, I spent six hours trying to reach a coffee cup up on a shelf. When I finally got it down, I was so happy, I cried. I hate my life! 37
NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks Neutral 50 One time, the Biological Research Station told me he dropped a mug down his processing chute. When I reached in, he... {revulsion} seeded me. 38
NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks Neutral 50 {Psychotically chipper} I love mugs so much, I just might kill myself! 39
NVDLC03SinkMuggyBarks Neutral 50 Got any mugs? No? How 'bout now? How 'bout now? How 'bout now? Is this getting annoying yet? Will you put me out of my misery now? How 'bout now? 40