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This is a transcript for dialogue with Stella.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You looking to join this here caravan? Look a little wet behind the ears, you ask me. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Looking to join this caravan, huh? Look to me like you can handle yourself. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Something on your mind? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {terse} Leave me be. Busy. 4
NVDLC02DialogueStellaNVDLC02StellaTopic000 What are you doing here? Neutral 50 Earning my keep. Jed hired me on as a caravan guard for this expedition of his. 5
Neutral 50 The work suits me. I've tried staying put in one place, but it never works out. 6
Neutral 50 Grew up in New Reno, and I couldn't put that snakepit behind me fast enough. 7
Neutral 50 Then I wound up wasting the prime of my life playing Sheriff in Caliente, little town north on the 93. Talk about a pain in the ass. 8
Neutral 50 You ask me, best to keep moving. At least the scenery changes. 9
NVDLC02DialogueStellaNVDLC02StellaTopic001 What was that like to grow up in New Reno? Neutral 50 Imagine New Vegas if there was no Mr. House-type fella keeping the peace, then give everybody a gun and a Jet addiction. 10
Neutral 50 Town's run by a bunch of crime families, no law to speak of. Make trouble, and you wind up buried in Golgotha, outside town. 11
Neutral 50 The scuzz factor's off the charts. Non-stop whoring and drugs. Couldn't walk down the street without getting asked to star in a porn movie. 12
Neutral 50 So I got my ass out of there while I still owned it. Guess I figured the answer to every problem was rule of law. Naive, huh? 13
NVDLC02DialogueStellaNVDLC02StellaTopic002 Tell me about Caliente. Neutral 50 Place lived up to its name, that's for sure. 14
Neutral 50 When you got fresh water and a trickle of geothermic power, always be some gang of assholes wants to kill you for it. 15
Neutral 50 Spent more years and took more bullets than I care to admit protecting that hellhole from dangers, within and without. 16
Neutral 50 If it wasn't the 80s or the White Legs raiding, it was someone from town drunk off his ass trying to win an argument with a shotgun. 17
Neutral 50 Got tired of shooting the folks I was supposed to protect. So... now I do this. 18
NVDLC02DialogueStellaNVDLC02StellaTopic003 Were the 80s a gang, or a tribe? Neutral 50 What's the difference? Raiders is raiders. 19
Neutral 50 Bunch of them swept in to town and dragged off two working girls. Deputies and me gave pursuit, straight into 80s territory. 20
Neutral 50 By the time we caught up with the girls, there wasn't much left of them. So we turned for home. 21
Neutral 50 Made it back to Caliente without further losses, but we was watched the whole way. Never seen so few people cover so much land. Goddamn creepy. 22
Neutral 50 If the 80s had wanted to kill us, we would've been dead. Guess they figured we weren't worth the trouble. 23
NVDLC02DialogueStellaNVDLC02StellaTopic004 What do you know about the White Legs? Neutral 50 Used to be they raided northeast of Caliente, time to time. But then the Desert Rangers fell apart ten years ago, absorbed into the NCR. 24
Neutral 50 Soon enough the White Legs were swarming all over that stretch of I-15. Folks learned not to head north if they wanted to keep their scalps. 25
Neutral 50 Eventually the White Legs destroyed the bridges across the Virgin River, over in Arizona. End of discussion. 26
NVDLC02DialogueStellaNVDLC02StellaTopic005 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Catch you another time, then. 27

Conversation Edit

NVDLC02AmbushStellaBark01 NVDLC02AmbushStellaBark01 Neutral 50 {Ticked off by Ricky, and the ambush, she grinds her teeth} Shut the hell up, Ricky! Might as well be waving at them! 28
NVDLC02AmbushStellaBark02 NVDLC02AmbushStellaBark02 Neutral 50 {Blinded by anger, Stella charges forth against the ambushers.} Enough of this! We're sitting ducks here! {pauses to catch her breath} Here I come! I was a sheriff once, goddamn it! 29
NVDLC02JedForceGreetTOPIC NVDLC02JedForceGreet Fear 50 {anxious} Ain't the trail ahead worries me, Jed. Those descents we made, through that slot canyon back up there. 30
NVDLC02JedForceGreet Anger 50 Ain't no way we're getting back out the way we come. And then what? 31
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA03 NVDLC02OpeningConversationA03 Anger 50 {Ricky is yelling} Shut your mouth, you goddamn junkie! Or I'll plant one between your shoulder blades, I swear! 32
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA07 NVDLC02OpeningConversationA07 Anger 50 {Ricky has Fixer to handle his addiction} Best fix for you'd be a bullet in the brainpan. Now shut it. 33
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA08 NVDLC02OpeningConversationA08 Anger 50 {Ricky just boasted he has plenty of drugs} Sounds like you got enough for a fatal overdose, then. Do us all a favor, will ya? 34
NVDLC02OpeningConversationA10 NVDLC02OpeningConversationA10 Anger 50 {fed up, under your breath} Goddammit, never should joined this assbackwards caravan... 35
NVDLC02OpeningConversationB02 NVDLC02OpeningConversationB02 Anger 50 {Ricky is whining} Enough! Another word of your bitching and I'll put you out of your misery myself! 36
NVDLC02OpeningConversationB04 NVDLC02OpeningConversationB04 Anger 50 {Ricky is whining} You ain't sick! You're a goddamn junkie, that's what you are! So shut it! 37
NVDLC02OpeningConversationB10 NVDLC02OpeningConversationB10 Anger 50 {Ricky is going through withdrawal} Didn't nobody do this to you but yourself, junkie. Now try suffering in silence for once. 38
NVDLC02OpeningConversationC01 NVDLC02OpeningConversationC01 Anger 50 {to yourself, under your breath} {mocking Jed} "Heard you the fifteenth time, Stella. What's it matter if we're trapped here? Everything will be just fine." 39
NVDLC02OpeningConversationC02 NVDLC02OpeningConversationC02 Neutral 50 {to yourself, under your breath} {continuing conversation with imaginary Jed} Oh I'm sure you're right, Jed. What's the worst can happen to us out here? Nothing. Perfectly safe, fucking perfectly... 40
NVDLC02OpeningConversationC03 NVDLC02OpeningConversationC03 Neutral 50 {to yourself, under your breath} {continuing imaginary conversation with Jed, mocking him} "That's right, little lady. Everything will be just fine with Jed to protect you. Quite the leader is what I am, hell yes." 41
NVDLC02OpeningConversationStart NVDLC02OpeningConversationStart Neutral 50 {angry that Jed dismissed your concerns} {under your breath} Sorry to bother you with reality, ol' Jed. Who cares if we can't get back out the way we come? That's not a problem. 42
NVDLC02StellaForceGreetTOPIC NVDLC02StellaForceGreetTOPIC Neutral 50 {anxious} Ain't the trail ahead worries me, Jed. Those descents we made, through that slot canyon back up there? 43
NVDLC02StellaForceGreetTOPIC Neutral 50 Ain't no way we're getting back out the way we come. And then what? 44