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Gametitle-FNV HH
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This is a transcript for dialogue with White Bird.


GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Visions guide you. You listen? Heh. Maybe yes, maybe no. 1
GREETING Pained 25 {HOE-lah} Hola, outsider. Welcome, child of omens. You come to receive visions of truth? 2
GREETING Surprise 50 You have root of Sacred Datura? 3
GREETING Happy 50 These roots make sacred vision tea. You drink, you see path before you. Ready? 4
GREETING Sad 50 Does Ghost of She lie quiet in grave? 5
GREETING Neutral 50 < DO NOT RECORD - Question Nodes > 6
GREETING Happy 50 Wise man knows when to shut mouth. You maybe wise. Or maybe not. 7
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic000 Wait a minute, what if I don't want to do any of that? Disgust 50 <White Bird stares at you wordlessly.> 8
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic001 I have the sacred datura here. Happy 50 These roots make sacred vision tea. You drink, you see path before you. Ready? 9
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic003 All right, let's do this. Happy 50 Drink. Tea is strong. Tea is bitter. Wisdom is strong. Wisdom is bitter. You see? 10
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic004 Not yet. I need a moment. Disgust 50 Tea will wait. Me? Maybe not. 11
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic005 It's done. Sad 50 Then visions of truth are at an end. Will you learn from truth? Maybe yes. Maybe no. Only for you to decide. 12
Surprise 50 Here, take. Gift, to remind you of visions. Use well. Or sell to curio trader. Either way, says much about you. 13
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic007 Okay then. I guess I'll just... go then. Anger 50 Go! Return maybe yes, return maybe no. But go. 14
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic008 What? I don't know what "visions of truth" means. Happy 100 {Mystical chanty-type stuff} Take drugs! Kill a bear! 15
What? I don't know what "visions of truth" means. Pained 25 {Mystical chanty-type stuff} Seek medicine plant! Return with Sacred Datura Root! Receive visions of truth, they guide you! 16
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic009 Crazy old man. I'm not doing anything for you. Surprise 50 Spirits guide you whether you listen or not. Smarter to listen, hmm? 17
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic011 < DO NOT RECORD - PLACEHOLDER > Neutral 50 <White Bird stares at you wordlessly.> 18
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic014 Umm... tell me about this vision quest again? Anger 50 You go to cave. Find Ghost of She. Lay ghost to rest. This your quest. Bring peace where was strife. Go! 19
NVDLC02DialogueShamanNVDLC02SorrowShamanTopic015 Who or what is the Ghost of She? Sad 50 Sad story. Not for your ears from my lips. Ask midwife. She speak to your ears. 20