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This is a transcript for dialogue with Salt-Upon-Wounds.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Fear 100 Outman! {Burned Man} {COO-nah man} Kuna-man mad! He kill all White Legs! You talk! You stop! 1
GREETING Anger 100 Foolish outman - You best White Legs, you think? By my spear you die! 2
GREETING Sad 50 We go. White Legs go back to Great Salt. 3
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic000 Wait! There's no reason this has to end in bloodshed! Surprise 50 [SUCCEEDED] You speak. I listen. Kill you, maybe I not. Maybe. 4
Can't we just, you know, be friends? Anger 100 [FAILED] Weak words you talk! Now you see strong spears better than weak words! 5
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic001 Time to die, General Gobbledegook! Disgust 50 You mock White Legs! You die now! 6
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic002 Your power is broken. You cannot hope to prevail here. Leave this valley in peace. Happy 50 We leave, but always fight, White Legs! We strong warriors for Caesar! 7
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic003 You're right. We're going to kill you, but not like this. Defend yourself! Anger 100 {You can't fight me!} {YOO-can no ni-KUM-pah mee} Yoocan no nikumpa me! {Die, you!} {deh-YAI, you!} Deyai-yoo! 8
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic004 I've already crushed your warriors. Retreat now and rebuild your tribe, or die in obscurity. Disgust 50 ...I go. But rebuild my tribe, and come we back stronger than before! 9
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic005 Daniel and the Sorrows are weak prey, not fit for such mighty warriors. Disgust 50 Sorrows {emphasis for agreement} are weak. We go, find true warriors to test us! 10
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic006 Then see how strong my spears are, warrior. Happy 50 This good fight will be! 11
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic007 Let's end this, then. Surprise 50 Ha! Yes, end! 12
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsNVDLC02SaltUponWoundsTopic008 Whatever. Joshua, put a cap in General Gobbledigook here. Pained 100 {Killer!} {Bye-KAH kur} Baika-ker! You devil! 13
NVDLC02DialogueSaltUponWoundsTopic000 Whoa. This isn't what I signed up for. Let me talk to Joshua about this. Surprise 75 Him hear you. You talk! 14
NVDLC02EndingWhiteLegs NVDLC02EndingWhiteLegs Neutral 50 {Narration - Daniel dead} With Daniel dead, the White Legs soon overran Zion and drove the Sorrows and Dead Horses from the Valley. 15
Neutral 50 {Narration} The White Legs plundered all of the Pre-War buildings the Sorrows had marked off-limits, their squalor an affront to Zion's natural beauty. 16
Neutral 50 {Narration} By year's end, little trace remained that the Sorrows had ever made the valley their home. 17
NVDLC02EndingWhiteLegs Neutral 50 {Narration - Flight from Zion} After the White Legs drove the Sorrows from Zion, they celebrated by destroying all traces of the valley's former inhabitants. 18
Neutral 50 {Narration} They appealed to the Legion for assimilation, but were denied. 19
Neutral 50 {Narration} Their failure to eradicate the New Canaanites in Grand Staircase and farther up the Colorado had not gone unnoticed. 20
Neutral 50 {Narration} The White Legs made a half-hearted effort to find the New Canaanites, but were driven off by Dead Horses trained in the ways of Joshua Graham. 21
Neutral 50 {Narration} The White Legs lost all hope of joining the Legion and disintegrated into a number of petty raiding bands, leaving Zion Valley a polluted cistern. 22
NVDLC02EndingWhiteLegs Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs, SUW spared} Demoralized by the Dead Horse and Sorrows attack the Courier and Joshua Graham led against them, the White Legs retreated to Great Salt Lake. 23
Neutral 50 {Narration} Their days were numbered. Word soon reached the 80s tribe that the White Legs' spirit was broken, their war chief a dim shadow of his former self. 24
Neutral 50 {Narration} By year's end, the 80s would overrun the White Legs' camps, scattering the tribe to the winds and claiming the Great Salt Lake for its own. 25
NVDLC02EndingWhiteLegs Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs, SUW executed} Joshua Graham's chilling execution of Salt-Upon-Wounds seared into their minds, the surviving White Legs retreated to the Great Salt Lake. 26
Neutral 50 {Narration} Unable to shake the memory of their brutal defeat and the Dead Horses' savagery in battle, the White Legs feared further reprisals. 27
Neutral 50 {Narration} They fled north, out of Utah, into Wyoming. The wilderness was harsh, and the first winter claimed over half the tribe. 28
Neutral 50 {Narration} When spring came, the survivors parted ways in small bands. And so the White Legs died a quiet, {ig-no-MIHN-ee-us} ignominious death. 29
NVDLC02EndingWhiteLegs Neutral 50 {Narration - Crush the White Legs, SUW killed in combat} Despite their defeat at Three Marys, and the death of their war chief, the White Legs were determined to pursue the other New Canaanites. 30
Neutral 50 {Narration} But when they finally tracked down their prey in Colorado, they discovered the tables had been turned. 31
Neutral 50 {Narration} The White Legs who survived the New Canaanites' ambushes were hunted down by Dead Horses before they could reach the safety of the Great Salt Lake. 32
Neutral 50 {Narration} When word of the White Legs' diminished numbers reached the 80s tribe, war was declared, and by year's end, the White Legs had been wiped out. 33