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This is a transcript for dialogue with Aurelius of Phoenix.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Surprise 100 {you don't like being eclipsed, KAI-zar} Caesar may have deemed you worthy to bear his mark, but your reputation preceeds you. 1
Neutral 50 Your presence will be tolerated, but you are not welcome here. Lucullus awaits you on the docks. 2
GREETING Surprise 100 {Angry, do NOT} Do not make {KAI-zar} Caesar wait! Lucullus awaits you on the dock. 3
GREETING Surprise 100 {you don't like being eclipsed} A Profligate bearing the Mark of {KAI-zar} Caesar? What is the world coming to? 4
Neutral 50 Cursor {Luh-CUL-us} Lucullus is waiting for you with the barge at the docks. He will take you to The Fort to speak with {KAI-zar} Caesar. 5
GREETING Surprise 100 {Annoyed} Get moving, Profligate! Do not make {KAI-zar} Caesar wait! 6
GREETING Anger 50 {surly} Don't try my patience. A nod of my chin, and you'll be decorating a cross. 7
GREETING Neutral 50 {pleased} You taught {Seh-VER-us} Severus well! Soon I'll wear a necklace of Profligates' toes, blown off by their own mines!{ha!} 8
GREETING Anger 50 {surly} Don't try my patience. A nod of my chin, and you'll be decorating a cross. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 {blunt} Yes? Name your concern. 10
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic002 Will you pay a bounty for NCR troops I kill? Neutral 50 The killing of Profligates should never go unrewarded. I'll pay you a small sum per tag. 11
<BARTER 35, player asks to use dog tags as currency for supplies>
If you trade me ammo and supplies instead, I can stay in the area, racking up kills. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Go see {de-CAN-us se-VERH-us} Decanus Severus when you have tags, in that case. He watches over our stores. 12
How many dog tags to get your helmet? Neutral 50 [FAILED] {offended} Nothing on this Earth could make you worthy to wear the armor of a {Ken-TOO-ree-on} Centurion. Do not ask again. 13
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic004 I'll come back when I've made some kills. Neutral 50 Yes, stop wasting my time. 14
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic007 One. Neutral 50 {Disappointed} Killing one Profligate is the work of a child. 15
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic008 Two. Neutral 50 Just two?{hmph} 16
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic009 Three. Neutral 50 So you're getting some exercise. 17
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic010 Here, take all the dog tags I've got. Neutral 50 {Impressed} A good bit of hunting. Here's your payment. 18
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic011 Five. Neutral 50 Hardly a day's work, but then again, you're not Legion. 19
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic012 Never mind. Neutral 50 Was there something else you wanted to bother me with? 20
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic017 I have dog tags to turn in. Neutral 50 {Mildly amused} Hmm, perhaps I was wrong about your skills. You've killed more NCR than most recruits. 21
I have dog tags to turn in. Neutral 50 {Impressed} Good, good! Your growing number of NCR kills rivals most legionaries. 22
Neutral 50 Keep up the good work! 23
I have dog tags to turn in. Neutral 50 {Hearty laugh} Ha! Perhaps I was wrong about your skills, Profligate. Your kill count rivals some of our best warriors! 24
I have dog tags to turn in. Neutral 50 {Amused} How many? 25
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic018 Does the Legion see much action here? Neutral 50 As much as the Profligates' cowardice will allow. They haven't found the balls to attack us here, but we catch them out on patrols. 26
Neutral 50 {proud} With two {LATIN} {con-too-BURR-nee-ah} contubernia at my command, I've killed and captured four times my numbers. 27
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic020 That's some armor you're wearing. Neutral 50 It is the armor of a {Ken-TOO-ree-on} Centurion. You have the rare honor of beholding it unspattered by the blood of my inferiors. 28
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic021 How do I reach Fortification Hill? Neutral 50 Cursor {Luh-CUH-lus} Lucullus is waiting for you at the docks. He'll take you to {KAI-zar} Caesar. 29
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic022 An NCR officer asked me to plant this listening device here. <Give Aurelius the NCR bug> Neutral 100 {contempt} The things the Profligates will build, to spy on us like cowards with little machines! 30
Anger 50 Find that officer and give him this old map of our patrol routes. The Profligates will try to set up ambushes... and we'll be waiting for them. 31
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic023 Goodbye. Neutral 50 {LATIN} {"wallae"} Vale. 32
VFreeformCottonwoodCoveNVCCAureliusTopic024 You must be the one in charge here. Neutral 50 {irritated} Of course I am, you fool. I am a {Ken-TOO-ree-on} Centurion! 33
Neutral 50 When {WUHL-pace in-CUL-tah} Vulpes Inculta drove the NCR from Searchlight by clever means, {KAI-zar} Caesar himself ordered me to set up this camp and harass the Profligates! 34
Neutral 50 It's a modest presence, a single finger of the Legion reaching across the river's narrows. But with me here, it has an iron knuckle. 35

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 {LATIN} {"wallae"} Vale. 36
HELLO Hello Neutral 50 {AH-way} Ave. 37

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