The NCR Embassy terminal entries are a series of terminal entries in Fallout: New Vegas. They can be found on Liza O'Malley and Ambassador Crocker's terminals in the NCR Embassy.

Liza O'Malley's terminalEdit

The Strip - Omerta ActivityEdit

This entry only appears during the quest For the Republic, Part 2


NCR Strip Gang Report #04-32-B27
The Strip - Omerta Activity

The receptionist at Gomorrah has proved invaluable for her services. Most of her tips have been fairly minor, however she did help us intercept a shipment of drugs as they were coming through Freeside.

We don't currently have any pending investigations, but she will receive a few "prepayments" for information. That should keep her fairly supple if the need arises to go to her for a tip in the future.


Embassy ReportEdit


NCR Embassy Status Report #01-50
New Vegas
Increased gang activity in Freeside needs to be monitored. Mr. House doesn't seem to care about anything outside the city's walls. The NCR may have to step in.
Ambassador Crocker has once again requested a meeting with Mr. House, a response has yet to be received.
Current supplies at the Embassy are within normal ranges.
Captain Pappas reports no unusual activity on the Strip.

Captain Pappas' ReportEdit


Ambassador Crocker,
Captain Pappas dropped off a report for you while you were out. The report is attached.

Security Lacking at Checkpoints

There have been recent cases of civilians and some troopers sneaking in restricted items into the Strip. Security needs to be increased to make sure that this stops right away. I'm instructing the MP's to tighten security at the checkpoints and any violations will be severely punished.
Recently confiscated items have been stored in the store room at the Military Police Headquarters. I have locked the room and have the key with me.
Captain Marie Pappas

Liza's Personal Notes Edit


Personal Log - Liza O'Malley
Things have been getting a little busy around here lately. I have a feeling that a lot of things are going on that I'm not aware of. There's a lot more papers and reports getting passed around, but also a lot of things under the table. All I know is that I need a vacation. I'm getting a little tired of spending all my time at the Embassy and need to get out. Maybe I'll hit up the casinos one of these nights.

Ambassador Crocker's terminalEdit

Informant Report Edit


Latest information from our inside source reports that the Omertas are unhappy with House. We may be able to use this as leverage against him.

Freeside Report Edit


Reports are coming in from Freeside detailing a rise in violence against NCR Citizens. We're going to need to look into this. All sources indicate that Pacer is involved, of course.

Farming Report Edit


Our farms on the east side of New Vegas are producing a good amount of crops. With the additional water allocated from Hoover Dam, we can increase the number of farms over the next few years by a substantial amount. That means more residents inclined to vote for annexation.

Fiend Report Edit


The Fiends have been more active outside New Vegas. The NCR troops stationed at Camp McCarran are handling this for now, but the situation needs to be monitored.