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For the mention only faction, see NCRCF.

NCR Correctional Facility is now under prisoner control following a successful riot. Locals should avoid anyone who looks like they've done time.

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The NCR Correctional Facility (NCRCF) is a former NCR prison located south-east of Goodsprings.


See also: NCRCF Uprising

The NCR Correctional Facility is a dominant location of the central Mojave Wasteland. Before the Great War, it was the Jean Conservancy, a low-security all-female prison. Under recent NCR control, it has been used to house prisoners and detail chain gang work along the railroad parallel to the Long 15 under NCR trooper supervision, maintaining the vital land link between the Boneyard and New Vegas. Eventually, prison guards (NCR troopers) were pulled away to run Colorado River border patrol. When the guard staff was low, the prisoners executed a daring and violent escape.

Ironically, after breaking out of this facility, the dregs of humanity known as the Powder Gangers decided to form a faction and stay in this heavily fortified place, with plans of expansion. They established camps outside the prison to the North, South, East , and West in order to further these plans, but infighting between the violent and possibly Chem-addled leadership has caused splinter groups to form. The NCR has devoted nearly all of its fighting force and resources to combat Caesar's Legion, and has not attempted to reclaim the prison.[1]


The prison has only one entrance, and it is guarded by a Powder Ganger named Dawes. Snipers form an effective perimeter around the facility. Unlike Powder Ganger camps found elsewhere, the Powder Gangers here are not hostile unless the player has established a negative reputation with them. Should you approach Dawes in disguise, he will notice that you are not an actual Powder Ganger, and tell you so. However, he will continue in casual dialog as long as you have good reputation with the gang. He can unlock the door for you at the price of 100 caps; pickpocket the key from him to avoid the fee.

A second entrance, however, will be opened during the New California Republic assault at the end of the Powder Gangers' quest line. This door is situated between the lookout tower and the main entrance building.

It is also possible to position yourself on the cliff at the South East side of the facility and perform a running jump over the fence to avoid the entrance fee. The entrance remains locked from inside, however. To exit the facility you must jump over the fence again using the guard tower stairs or use fast-travel.

You can also walk along the fence to the right of the main entrance until you are next to a set of prison outhouses inside the facility, then sit in them. This will teleport you inside the facility.

Upon entering the facility, you will find yourself in a lounge-like area with tables, a desk, a first-aid box and a counter with a broken terminal on it. There is also a fridge, a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine, and a Nuka-Cola vending machine. There is also a Powder Ganger wearing a guard uniform standing by the door. During the same scenario as above, it is confirmed that he will propose a truce to you, in which you stay away from the gang outposts and the gang leaves you alone. However, after hearing his offer, choosing to ignore it will not provoke any altercation.

There will be a man sitting at one of the tables named Meyers. He is a mild-mannered ex-sheriff who will engage in conversation with you. He is not a Powder Ganger, and says he is only staying there to serve out his sentence out of respect to the NCR. He will not attack you if you kill any of the Powder Gangers.


  • Dawes, the entrance guard
  • Meyers, ex-sheriff; Meyers can be made sheriff of Primm.
  • Eddie, the leader of the remaining Powder Gangers, located in the Warden's office
  • Scrambler, Eddie's bodyguard
  • Hannigan, the "Doctor"
  • Carter, a small time trader in cell block B
  • Sergeant Lee, commands the Prison Guards if reclaimed for NCR
  • Unnamed NCR troopers, act as Prison Guards (if reclaimed for NCR)
  • Other unnamed Powder Gangers

Notable lootEdit

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  • If you become Vilified with the Powder Gangers, you will not be able to enter the facility without its inhabitants turning hostile. If you are wearing Powder Ganger clothing, Dawes will still talk to you and accept a bribe, but he will turn hostile as you get closer. You can kill him without incurring the wrath of the other Gangers and enter the facility. However, Carter and the Powder Ganger bodyguards in the warden's office will still be hostile to you.
  • The facility is also under observation from the Brotherhood of Steel. A Brotherhood scout observing the prison can be found as part of the quest Still in the Dark.
  • Later in the game, you are given the chance to storm the base with the NCR or help the Powder gangers defend it against the NCR. The leader of the local Powder Gangers, Eddie, will be killed if you side with the NCR or saved if you help the Powder Gangers.
  • In cell block B just above the entrance, outside, it says cell block K → Z.
  • There is a row of outhouses on the south-western edge of the facility that can be sat on through the fence, allowing you to get in without having to talk to Dawes. However, if you do this without first getting the key from Dawes, the door into the visitor's center will still be locked. To get back out you have a few options. Sneak up on Dawes from inside the fence and Pickpocket him. As long as you only take the key, Dawes should not become hostile even if you are detected and you can exit through the visitor's center door. You can also jump out using any of the guard towers, or fast travel to the NCR which will put you just outside the front gate. Note that jumping out of the guard tower will not reset your quest marker from being located at the front entrance of the facility.
  • If you side with the Powder Gangers at the end of the quest, you can wear NCR armor and neither side will attack you, allowing you to loot all the bodies without hassle.
  • If you fast travel to this location, a group of wild dogs may spawn and start attacking you.
  • If you side with the NCR and retake the prison, the alarm will continue to play.
  • Wiping out every Powder Ganger in the facility may cause a prospector to appear here and remain indefinitely (you may have to wipe it out by yourself, without the NCR).
  • This location is ideal for player housing, particularly during Hardcore mode. There are beds, storage containers, a water pump, campfires, and a work bench.
  • Stealing chems on the table in the warden's office gives the player infamy to Powder Gangers, even if they are all dead.
  • On the road Northwest of the facility is a sign that says "NOTICE: Hitchhikers may be escaped prisoners" with the Cannibal Vault Boy re-skinned with black and white stripes.


NCR Correctional Facility appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

NCRCF is based on the real-life Southern Nevada Correctional Center.


pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 If the Courier "kicks" the cups or bottles that are on the floor inside the Visitor's Center, it is possible that the item will sink into the floor, re-emerge in its initial location, and continue moving until it sinks through the floor again. This can happen repeatedly from a single kick, creating a loop effect.[verified]



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NCR Correctional Facility

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