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This is a transcript for dialogue with Hannigan.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 {Prison under attack} I knew I should've gone with Cooke! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Heard there was a new face around. I'm the doctor around here... sort of. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {After prison battle - relieved} That... was close. I really need to find some nice, quiet place to settle. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Sticking around, I see. 4
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 5
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic001 I need a doctor. Surprise 20 The fact that you're still on your feet is... surprising. 6
I need a doctor. Neutral 50 Life can be pretty rough sometimes. 7
I need a doctor. Neutral 50 I've seen worse. 8
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic002 Why are you "sort of" the doctor? Neutral 50 I was an NCR medic for six months, so I'm not exactly a "doctor." Still, it's more medical training that any of the other guys here. 9
Neutral 50 It also gives me an excuse to stay out of any raiding parties. The gang can't lose its only doctor now, can it? 10
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic003 What did you do to end up in here? Neutral 50 Medical supplies go for a decent amount of caps in the right markets. I figured the quartermaster wouldn't notice any missing. I was wrong. 11
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic004 What did you do before? Neutral 50 Let's see... I've been a farmhand, a bouncer, a bandit, and an NCR trooper. I don't recommend any of them. 12
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic005 What's your reason for staying? Neutral 50 The location to the highway makes it a good spot to shake down any travelers passing through. That's why Eddie and the rest are still around. 13
Neutral 50 Me, I like having big walls between myself and the wasteland. 14
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic006 How did you all manage to escape? Neutral 50 One night, there was a big explosion from the other cell block. I had no idea what was going on, so I took cover in my bunk. 15
Neutral 50 When it was all over, the guards were dead and we were free. Most of the other prisoners scattered, but a few of us stuck around, obviously. 16
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic007 <100 caps> Fix me up. Neutral 50 I can give you something to bite down on if you want. This'll hurt. 17
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic008 <100 caps needed> I don't have the caps. Neutral 50 Can't help you, then. Medical supplies aren't cheap, you know. 18
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic009 Never mind. Neutral 50 {shrugging} If you say so. 19
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic010 <75 caps> Fix me up. Neutral 50 This shouldn't be too much work. Try to sit still. 20
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic011 <75 caps needed> Neutral 50 Can't help you, then. Medical supplies aren't cheap, you know. 21
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic012 <50 caps> Fix me up. Neutral 50 Not a problem. Just some scrapes here and there. 22
VFreeformNCRCFNCRCFHanniganTopic013 <50 caps needed>I don't have the caps. Neutral 50 Can't help you, then. Medical supplies aren't cheap, you know. 23

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Later. 24

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