NCR-Raiders War

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NCR-Raiders War
FNV NCR FlagFo1 Raiders Ending
locationNew California
Mojave Wasteland
date2141 - Ongoing
  • Ongoing
  • Khans, Vipers and Jackals pushed out of New California.
  • NCR nearly eradicates Khans.
  • Vipers split into several small groups.
  • Jackals split into several small groups.
  • NCR engages in battle with Fiends.
Involved parties
NCR Flag New California RepublicGreatKhans KhansFiendsVipersSymbol Vipers
NCR Flag Aradesh
NCR Flag Tandi
NCR Flag Vault Dweller
NCR Flag Aaron Kimball
NCR Flag Lee Oliver
GreatKhans Garl Death-Hand
GreatKhans Darion
GreatKhans Papa Khan
Driver Nephi
Night Terror
Jackson *
VipersSymbol Jonathan Faust
VipersSymbol Asp Faust
NCR ArmyKhans (2141 - 2161)
New Khans (2241)
Great Khans (2267 - 2278)
  • Viper Gunslingers
  • Jackals
  • Casualties
    Many soldiers and civilians.Near destruction of the Khans, twice.
    Most of the Great Khans and Tribals killed at Bitter Springs.
    UnknownBoth gangs nearly disbanded due to casualties and lack of members.
    Connected events
    Part of:
    Mojave Campaign
    NCR-Great Khan War
    NCR-Fiends War
    Great Merchant Wars
    Brotherhood-Vipers conflict
    NCR-Legion War
    NCR-Brotherhood War

    If it's bad news, you can take it up with the colonel. If it's good news, it better involve some dead Fiends.

    Major Dhatri

    The NCR-Raiders War is a continous fight between the New California Republic and the wasteland's various raider tribes. The NCR seeks to eradicate them as the original Khans nearly destroyed Shady Sands before it could become the NCR. When the NCR rose to power, they led great military strength against the remnants of the Great Khans, Vipers and Jackals, whom they pushed to the Mojave Wasteland.

    While the war in New California is over, the NCR faces difficulties in fighting the raiders in the Mojave. The Vipers and the Jackals, now being disassociated and badly equipped tribes scattered across the wasteland, attack at any given opportunity. They are not very effective or organized in their methods, making them only a minor problem. A new gang of raiders, the chem addicted Fiends start to become a bigger problem. The Great Khans however, are still the most troublesome of all raiders and are high priority targets due to the chems they supply to the Fiends.

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