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For mutfruit appearing in Fallout: New Vegas, see Mutfruit (Fallout: New Vegas).

Mutfruit is a food item found in Fallout 3. It can restore some of your Hit Points, but also gives you a small amount of Radiation.


As the only living trees known present in the Capital Wasteland are in Oasis it is possible that they were grown here, though it is just as likely that it was created through genetic experimentation. Rivet City scientists are capable of growing fresh, radiation-free fruits and vegetables, so it's clear that fruit-growing climates can be replicated with the proper technology. There is no in-game description of the actual origin of the mutfruit.


Its structure is mainly a purple fruit that grows on a stalk, meaning that it would have grown on a tree.


They can be found by many traders in the Capital Wasteland such as Jenny Stahl of the Brass Lantern in Megaton and Gary Staley of Gary's Galley in Rivet City.


  • Unlike crunchy mutfruit, mutfruit is easily recognizable by it luminous vivid color, even in dark conditions. With blue splotches at the end of the fruit and purple going towards the stalk, it can not be missed.
  • Carrying the food sanitizer will raise the HP restored from 5 to 6.
  • The name "mutfruit" is short for "mutated fruit."
  • The German name "Falloubst" is a blend of "Fallout" and "Obst", the German word for fruit. Also, "Falloubst" is a reference to "Fallobst", the German word for windfall.
  • There is a lot of discussion about the pronunciation of mutfruit, as in Fallout 3 it's pronounced as 'Muttfruit', yet in Fallout 4 it is pronounced 'Mutefruit'

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