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Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Please ... no more ... / No ... please no ... / Graaaaaaar! / Mutant-Hulk Smash! / It hurts ...

The mutant freaks or feral super mutants were grotesque test subjects of Erkal, a mutant scientist in 2197.


Mutant freaks apparently were super mutants once, but later were morphed to a pile of flesh, which is kept alive by electricity. It is unknown what kind of operation the scientist performed on them, but it could be the same electricity or radioactive goo found in this area that he used on them. Some of them are also kept in glass tubes. They were intended to be used as guinea pigs which later could give clues on how to cure mutant sterility.


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  • "PAIN!!! PAIN!!! / Arrgggghh! Please kill me! Raaaar! / Kill *gasp* me. / Kill me now. / The pain ..."
  • "Please ... no more ... / No ... please no ... / Graaaaaaar! / Mutant-Hulk Smash! / It hurts ..."


Mutant freaks appear only in Fallout Tactics.


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