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Your savvy at mutant killing grants you a bonus to killing them.

Super Mutant Massacre is a kill challenge in Fallout: New Vegas. Once completed it unlocks the related challenge perk Mutant Massacrer.


  • The player needs to kill 50 super mutants.
  • Player must kill 50 nightkin/super mutants per rank of the perk.


  • The challenge gives 50 XP upon completion and unlocks the perk Mutant Massacrer.
  • Bonus damage against super mutants and nightkin.


  • The challenge has three ranks, each with 50 enemies to kill.
  • The challenge will appear in the the Pip-Boy's menu as soon as you kill your first super mutant.
  • The perk is of limited use due to the game's general lack of hostile super mutants.
  • The super mutants and nightkin between Neil's shack and the top of Black Mountain re-spawn every 3-4 game days.

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