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The Museum of Freedom terminal entries are entries found on a terminal in the upper office in the Museum of Freedom in Concord.

Museum operations terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Museum of Freedom Operations Terminal

Unlock Security GateEdit



Log EntriesEdit

After-Hours TomfooleryEdit


For the last time, the Redcoat mannequin displays are NOT toy soldiers, and are not to be "played with" after hours. Two of them have scuffed paint, and this morning one of the foot regiment pieces was missing his arm.

This sort of horsing around will not be tolerated. Anyone caught engaging in such behavior will be written up, docked an hour's pay, and charged for damages.

- Chief Curator Harold Nash

Roaches in the BasementEdit


Someone get maintenance down in the basement to deal with that roach problem. Do it now, on the down low, while the museum is open. Discretion is key.

We cannot afford to close the museum again. Nor is it acceptable for a child to find a cockroach in her hair as she's learning about taxation without representation.

This situation must be resolved. Immediately.

- Chief Curator Harold Nash

Anchorage ExhibitEdit


After meeting with the director and board of trustees, I'm afraid I must deliver some rather dire news: our planned Anchorage exhibit has been put on indefinite hold.

It is simply not within the museum's budget at this time to make the renovations necessary to accomodate such an ambitious endeavor.

My thanks to the curatorial and maintenance teams for all the work that's been done thus far.

- Chief Curator Harold Nash

Final Entry - Sat. October 23, 2077Edit


This is Megan Hayes. I'm a tour guide here at the Concord Museum of Freedom.

I am so scared. Whene everyone saw the flashes, they left. Even Mr. Nash. He just ran away and left me here. Jerk! And then one of those Army helicopter things crashed into the roof. I saw soldiers, but they looked freaked out. I just hid from them.

I've only been in Massachusetts a month. I don't really know anyone, and I don't know where to go.

I broke the lock on the curator's desk and took the gun. I'm going to hide in one of the rooms for a few days until things calm down. If somebody reads this, please come find me. But if you try to hurt me, I swear I'll shoot you!

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