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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

// Multiplayer Mode Names and Descriptions

name_Multiplayer_01 = { Skirmish }
desc_Multiplayer_01 = { Engage in conflict with the enemy until only one of you is left standing. }

name_Multiplayer_02 = { Assault A }
desc_Multiplayer_02 = { One squad must achieve set objectives while the other attempts to stop them. }

name_Multiplayer_03 = { Assault B }
desc_Multiplayer_03 = { Different squads must achieve their objectives whilst attempting to stop others from doing the same. }

name_Multiplayer_04 = { Dogmeat }
desc_Multiplayer_04 = { You can only score points when you are Dogmeat. To become Dogmeat, you must frag the current Dogmeat. }

name_Multiplayer_05 = { Hot Potato }
desc_Multiplayer_05 = { Hold onto the grenade to score points, but beware the inevitable explosion. }

name_Multiplayer_06 = { Paintball }
desc_Multiplayer_06 = { Participate in the less-brutal form of Brotherhood training while attempting to capture your opponent's flag. }

name_Multiplayer_07 = { Scavengers }
desc_Multiplayer_07 = { Attempt to grab the largest amount of loot in the time given, while preventing your opponent from doing the same. }

name_Multiplayer_08 = { Blockade }
desc_Multiplayer_08 = { Prevent your opponent from getting past your defenses, while attempting to get your people to the exit grid on the opposite side of the map. }

name_Multiplayer_09 = { Assassins }
desc_Multiplayer_09 = { Kill the target on the opponent's team, while protecting your own from assassination. }

name_Multiplayer_10 = { Extraction }
desc_Multiplayer_10 = { Free the prisoner from captivity and return them to your base. }

// Victory and Defeat Messages

mult_Victory = { Success!\n\nYou are victorious. }
mult_Defeat = { Failure!\n\nYou have been defeated. }
//end 2001-01-24

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