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Mr. Nixon doll
Mr Nixon doll
questsFind Mr. Nixon
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You see a small doll with a big red nose. For some reason, you don't trust this seemingly-innocent child's toy.

— Item description

Mr. Nixon is a quest item in Fallout 2.


Mr. Nixon is a doll modeled after the (very) late President Richard Nixon. Hidden behind Cassidy's bar in Vault City, Mr. Nixon is the property of one child called Curtis who is found nearby. After finding it, you can either give back it to Curtis, or ritually tear the doll's limbs off in front of him.

Related questEdit

  • Find Mr. Nixon - If you give him the doll, Curtis will start playing out a conversation with it. Listen for a while and you will learn that Curtis has hidden his father's wrench in a nearby rock-pile, the easiest to find in the game.


The Chosen One will not be able to search the rock-pile until the doll is returned and he learns how it coerced Curtis into hiding the wrench. If the Chosen One tries to search it anyway before completing these steps, he will shrug off the rock-pile as being "just a pile of rocks".

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