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Mr. Handy fuel is a junk item in Fallout 4.



  • Four cans can be found to the left of the Super Duper Mart entrance.
  • A few cans can be found on the top floor of Monsignor Plaza.
  • One can can be found under the bridge closest to the Back Street Apparel next to the 3 barrels.
  • One can can be found next to the Mr. Handy box inside the Sole Survivor's old house in Sanctuary Hills.
  • One can can be found in the small room next to the chained door in Subway station.
  • One can can be found in the southern-most bathroom of the Parkview Lounge. And the middle floor of the Parkview apartments.
  • Two can can be found next to the workshop at Greygarden
  • One can can be found inside Boston Mayoral Shelter
  • One can can be found inside Virgil's Hideout in Rocky Cave.
  • One can be found inside the weapon cage on The Prydwen
  • One can be found west of Old Gullet sinkhole, on the floor inside a wooden house.

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