Mr. Handy fuel is a junk item in Fallout 4.


A voluminous yellow steel can filled with fuel for the propulsion thrusters of Mister Handy-type robots. Judging by the warning labels and the crafting components it yields when scrapped, it probably contains some sort of petroleum derivative akin to kerosene. Should that be the case, it is likely that due to the worldwide oil shortage, Mr. Handy fuel was a tremendously expensive commodity in the years leading up to the Great War, considering how gasoline cost upwards of $1400 per gallon before fusion-powered cars became a widespread alternative.

Neither Codsworth, Curie or any automatron companion based on a Mr. Handy chassis require regular refueling to keep them going.


Mr. Handy fuel can be broken down into its individual components for use in crafting:

Mr. Handy fuel (1)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Steel (3)
Oil (2)