This is a small chit probably used to pay Morningstar Mine Workers.

The Morningstar mine scrip is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


It is used as an alternative currency in the town of Redding. They are backed by the Morningstar Mining Company and issued as payment to their workers. It consists of a small wooden token stamped with the Morningstar Mine company logo and has a face value of 5 NCR dollars.


  • This item can be found on various NPCs and containers in the town of Redding.
  • A grave in Golgotha contains 134 Morningstar mine scrips, along with a pair of mirrored shades. Note that digging this grave will make you a Grave Digger and will make you lose 5 Karma (requires a shovel).


  • While the in-game image of this item displays a value of 5 NCR dollars, in practice they have the same value as $1 NCR.
  • Although intended to be used in Redding only, any trader will accept them.