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Monsignor Plaza terminal entries are entries found on two terminals in Monsignor Plaza in Fallout 4. They are both found in the upper area of the plaza, the first being Griswold's terminal in the gun shop and the next being Sue's terminal near the Slocum's Joe at the end of the corridor.

Griswold's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Systems Wired UpEdit


Finally got all the terminals wired up. Took a while to get the turrets playing nice, especially. I have to remember to get something nice for Jake after what happened to his pet molerat...

I wish Sue didn't have to be such a pain about this taking a while. Just because she can load up a few holotapes doesn't mean she knows the first thing about how complicated this old crap is.

Whatever. It works now.

Play TapeEdit

Sue's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

.,;: Sue's Terminal :;,.

Touch This & Die Slowly

(Especially you, Griswold)

Note to self.Edit


Next time I see Griswold, shoot him three times.

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