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The mole rat ranch is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


The ranch itself is just a piece of land with a bunch of friendly mole rats. A hostile brahmin (without Animal Friend perk) can be found among them, usually having killed the entire pack when arriving for the first time. The brahmin can be killed to save any that are still alive. Both the mole rats and the brahmin respawn.

North of the ranch is a Mojave home with two Average locked doors. The doors are considered owned, and thus picking them results in bad Karma, but the items inside are not. It's apparent that it was the home of a moonshiner as shown by the still in the kitchen and the numerous stalks of maize growing inside. It is also the only known Grow Op in the Mojave Wasteland.

To the east of the ranch there is a ruined building. Beware of traps on each entrance (mines and grenade bouquets triggered by tripwires). Inside the ruined building there is a Hard locked room that contains a sniper rifle and some .308 ammunition. There is a copy of True Police Stories and a Patriot's Cookbook on the shelf, and a copy of Locksmith's Reader to the right in the small bookcase at the front door.


  • If the Courier walks to the ranch from the nearby medical clinic, or other outer Vegas locations, they will sometimes see a brahmin attacking a mole rat. Killing the hostile brahmin may save the one or two mole rats that are still alive.
  • A bit northeast of the ranch is the farm the brahmin are coming from. There is a trough with bits of meat in it, implying that someone trained the brahmin to eat meat.


The mole rat ranch appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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