Mole rat race track

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Mole rat race track
Fallout3 RatRace01 ThX
Icon unmarked
A group of raiders holding mole rat races
Mole rat race track loc
map marker(nearest: Grayditch)
part ofScavenger's bridge
Other actors
creaturesMole rats
cell nameRaiderRace
ref id00000ce5

The mole rat race track is a small unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland, on a raider-occupied section of an abandoned highway slightly west-southwest of Grayditch.


A small group of raiders is, at the time of first encounter, holding mole rat races on a makeshift track. Although two cages found at the site have the combined capacity of holding four mole rats, only two are there. However, the fresh blood spats and viscera observed inside the tracks might offer clues as to their fate.


The location lies almost right beneath the bridge crossing the highway, following the road leading to Grayditch's western entrance. The two tracks are comprised of short, barbed wire fences going slightly downhill on the highway, and two cages for the mole rats are found, along with two first aid boxes and a standard ammunition box. Several empty liquor bottles, some jet, and tin cans litter the place. Aside from the two mole rats, the site is populated by five low-level, non-respawning raiders; two of them carrying melee weapons, and three wielding firearms.


  • When approaching this location to witness it, be careful to not to be seen, as both the raiders and mole rats are hostile and will attack the player if spotted. Also, be sure to leave any followers at a place where they will be safe, as they may attack the group on their own.
  • A pistol shot will always start the race. After the race finishes, the mole rats then meander back to their cages to repeat the process.
  • The southern-most raider will always wield a .32 pistol, which they use to start the race.


The mole rat race track appears only in Fallout 3.


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