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The Mojave home is an unmarked location in the northern Mojave Wasteland, north of Mole Rat Ranch and west of Fields' shack. It's abandoned now but clearly was used for moonshining.



The single story home looks like many other boarded-up adobe houses in the wasteland, but this one is not boarded up, and therefore accessible. However, an average lock on the front and back doors locks the home, picking the locks cause a gain of negative Karma. To the left of the entrance, there are two lawn chairs next to a refrigerator. Behind the house is a mailbox.


The most obvious detail is the floor is covered with soil and there are corn stalks jutting up throughout the house. In front of the entrance is a refrigerator and an oven to the left of that. To the right of the entrance is a still. In the middle room, there is a doorway to the bedroom with a usable bed, empty dresser, first aid box, and an unlocked wall safe with random loot. In the back room is a table with two ammunition boxes.

Notable loot

  • Throughout the house, there are 38 pieces of maize.
  • A bottle of moonshine on a table in front of the still.


  • This home is/was the base of operations for a local moonshiner. This is reinforced mainly by the presence of a still, an abundance of alcohol around the house and lots of corn to ferment.


Mojave home appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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