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For an overview of various Vault jumpsuits in the Fallout series of games, see Vault jumpsuit.

The modified utility jumpsuit is a piece of clothing in Fallout 3.


This unique jumpsuit is similar to the normal Vault 101 utility jumpsuit, with the differences being that it provides different stat bonuses, it is dirty like Dad's wasteland outfit and it has green instead of red sneakers when worn by a female character. It can be repaired with Vault jumpsuits, Dad's wasteland outfit and other copies of itself.

It provides +1 to Luck, +10 to Radiation Resistance, and +5 to Repair.


The modified utility jumpsuit may be rewarded to you when completing the Trouble on the Homefront quest with the non-violent resolution.

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  • If your Luck is an even number and less than 10, wearing this will cause all your skills with even numbers to increase by 1, as the increase from Luck is Luck divided by 2 then rounded up.
  • It is also the only piece of Vault issue clothing to offer any Radiation Resistance, suggesting it has been modified to include layers from the radiation suits.


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