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Mississippi Quantum pie recipe is a paper note in Fallout 3.


It is given to the Lone Wanderer by Sierra Petrovita after the completion of The Nuka-Cola Challenge and asking Sierra about Quantum recipes, starting the unmarked quest Mississippi Quantum Pie.[1]



Sierra Petrovita of Girdershade told me the ingredients for the pie: Flour, Vodka and a Nuka-Cola Quantum.

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  1. Lone Wanderer: "What kind of recipes can you make with Nuka-Cola Quantum?" Sierra's dialogue: "Well, the stuff is so rare, I only know one. It's called Mississippi Quantum Pie. It's delicious! If you want me to make you one, I can. Just bring me some flour, vodka, and a Nuka-Cola Quantum. I can whip it up in no time."

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