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For the Fallout 3 unmarked quest, see Mississippi Quantum Pie (quest).

Mississippi Quantum pie is a consumable item in Fallout 3.


After the player has completed The Nuka-Cola Challenge and Mississippi Quantum Pie quests for Sierra Petrovita, she can make Mississippi Quantum pie (if you ask her about recipes). Its effects are basically those of a Nuka-Cola Quantum and vodka combined, without the Charisma boost or the chance of addiction.

Flour is a rare item to find in the Wasteland. Also, it's important to note that flour is considered a "miscellaneous" item, and not a food item.



  • Players who are not interested in constructing Nuka-grenades, or who primarily use Nuka-Cola Quantum as a consumable item, may find Mississippi Quantum pie worth the difficulty necessary to acquire it. Compared to Quantum itself, the only added negative effect is a 1-point reduction in Intelligence, which is more than offset by the Strength bonus and removed risk of addiction.
  • Mississippi Quantum pies are valued at less than half the combined price of their ingredients: 20 caps value versus a combined value of 52 caps (Nuka-Cola Quantum - 30, vodka - 20, flour - 2).

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