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For an overview of all grenades, see Hand grenades.
For an overview of other fragmentation grenades, see Fragmentation grenades.

The Misfits' frag grenade is a thrown explosive in Fallout: New Vegas.


The Misfits' frag grenade is an unobtainable unique dummy training grenade used by the Misfits in Camp Golf. It does no damage and explodes like a regular frag grenade would, but still has a force radius, as nearby corpses and objects with havoc physics inside the explosion radius can still be propelled.


Whilst the grenade explosion itself does 0 damage, it will still propel nearby objects and ground items away if they are caught in the grenades explosion radius.


  • The Misfits' frag grenades cannot be pickpocketed or taken if any of the Misfits are killed, they can only be obtained via console commands.
  • Camp Golf - Used by the Misfits in Flags of Our Foul-Ups during the grenade training segment.


  • Despite having the same model as the normal Frag grenade, they share no similarities.
  • Misfits' frag grenades can also go by the name dummy grenades, training grenades, etc.
  • If spawned in via console commands, the grenades will not be able to be picked up. Likewise, if they are dropped, they cannot be picked up again.