This is a pair of fashionable and deadly-looking mirrored shades. Just having them in your inventory makes you feel cool.— In-game description

Mirrored shades are a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


Having this item in one of your item slots will boost the player character's Charisma by one point.


  • Mason, Louis Salvatore's right-hand man in New Reno, has a pair.
  • Another can be found in the grave of "Dennis Presnell" in the southwestern part of Golgotha. The text on the grave reads: "Dennis Presnell. We can almost hear him now. You call that a funeral?! That sucked! You guys are !@#holes! I'm never dying again! Blah blah blah...". Scratched below it says, "God rest 'Cryin' D, shoulda kept on the patch." If "Dennis Presnell" isn't found then the pair can be found in the grave of "Amy Presnell". In the same location is the grave of "Den Arnedo". The text on the grave reads: "Reg Arnedo: we can still hear his voice in the halls.".


  • This is the only non-consumable item in Fallout 2 that increases the player's Charisma.
  • While two pairs of mirrored shades can be found in-game, having two of them in your active item slots will not give you any additional benefit.