Mind Cloud syringe is an ammunition type in Fallout 4.


The Mind Cloud syringe is a small dart used only in the Syringer, fired via compressed air to deliver powerful poisons into enemy targets. Unlike most ammunition in the game, it is located under the "AID" section of the Pip-Boy menu and has a small amount of weight.


Target believes the player character has vanished and has a reduced chance to detect you for 30 seconds.

Targets hit by this syringe will almost immediately stop looking for the player. However, the effects of the syringe is such that even if the target does become aware for the player, if the player is still sneaking, attacks will still count as sneak attacks (even if the affected target is in the midst of attacking the player), offering a potentially huge damage boost, exceeding what e.g. Endangerol syringe can do.


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Mind Cloud syringe (1)

Weapons using this ammunitionEdit