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A military-grade circuit board is a junk item in Fallout 4.


  • In the basement of Listening Post Bravo. After activating the elevator and going down, go through the hole in the wall and come to the other side. To your right, it will be on some boxes.
  • Sold by merchants at General Stores in settlements
  • Sold by Myrna at Diamond City Surplus.
  • Sold by various traders wandering the wasteland.
  • One military grade circuit board is sitting on a table in the second floor of Fort Hagen nearby the trapped explosives box.
  • Another in Fort Hagen Command Center inside an open grey drawer straight ahead, just after entering the area.
  • Found on the desk next to the terminal in the lower level of USAF Satellite Station Olivia.
  • Can also be found on military based robots and boats.
  • Two can be found inside Wattz Consumer Electronics.
  • A few can also be found in Robotics Disposal Ground.
  • One can be found around destroyed Protectrons in ArcJet Systems.
  • One is located in The Nucleus in Mai's shop.
  • Robots often drop one when killed.


  • The military-grade circuit board is the same model used for the Nuka-World star cores.

Behind the scenesEdit

The appearance of the circuit board is reminiscent of 1950's valve-operated computer innards, albeit slightly more retro-futuristic. This fits in well with the non-transistor based technology of the Fallout Timeline.

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