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Michael Angelo's workshop's terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries in Michael Angelo's workshop in Fallout: New Vegas.

Michael Angelo's terminalEdit

Terminal is located in Michael's room, on a table next to his bed in the north section of the local map.


Sheldon Weintraub... Logged In.

Welcome, Michael Angelo!

Sheldon Weintraub's MailEdit


Sheldon Weintraub's Mail:



Messages for Sheldon Weintraub

New Message from Sarah WeintraubEdit

What's shaking, my cool bro!

You'll be happy to know that our vault is packed and coasting along! Even with those legionnaires bad news we still get plenty of NCR squares down here. They are all chirpy and don't appear to mind that Cesar is crusin' for a bruisin' all over the place. Maybe the NCR is stronger than we thought, uh? Don't know... you think we can trust them over Mr. House?

I still feel all clutched over what he did to our home! I mean, yeah it is good that we got to keep part of our vault but I can't shake the thought that one of these days he'll just push me out into the open - once he does not need us any more. I tell you, we should have never accepted his challenge. That shuckster cheated us, I am sure!

Anyway, you've heard all of that before and I just wanted to bring you a smile! Cheer up, buttercup! I miss you!



> ... Mail Message Loaded

Upcoming Billboard RequirementsEdit

> ... Mail Message Loaded.

Sent MailEdit


Sent Messages

Sis, missing you like never before.Edit

Hey, lil sis!

How are you holding up? I miss you so much, Sarah! This place makes me want to run back to our home, every single day. I just had to write you so that I could feel a bit warmer. The warehouse's cold air weighs on me as heavily as the concrete that Mr. House dumped in our vault. Damned be his soul!

Yeah, I imagine that you did not expect that outburst from your "cool bro" but I am reaching the end of the corridor, here. Emptiness is my muse - doubt is my only mistress. Everything that once inspired my art slowly drifts back into nothingness, into an unfathomable void where neither I find light nor its radiance searches for the spring of my soul.

Bah, don't I sound pathetic? I do not wish to worry you, lil sis. I just wish that I could be there with you, right now. Perhaps once I find my strength again, once I finish the latest "suggestion" for Mr. House, I'll venture into the Strip and visit you.

My thoughts are with you, hot-headed roadster!


> ... Mail Message Loaded.

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