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This is a transcript for dialogue with Michael Masters.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Disgust 50 Bastards. Could have done it the easy way and just let us live here with them. Oh well. Guess we better get started with the clean up. {scoffing at the massacre} 1
GREETING Happy 100 Hey kid. I was wrong about you. Good job! {grumpy man uncharacteristically appreciative} 2
GREETING Happy 100 Hey kid, how's it going? {grumpy man uncharacteristically appreciative} 3
GREETING Disgust 50 What are you doing here? It's not safe for your kind around here. {a grumpy but sincere warning} 4
GREETING Surprise 25 Hello. What is it? {a grumpy but friendly} 5
GREETING Anger 50 What the hell do you want? {grumpy} 6
HD02HouseStuff I hear you're the person to see about buying stuff for my suite. Disgust 70 They got you living up there? 7
Disgust 50 Well, since we're stuck with you, you might as well take a look at all the items and themes for that place that may interest you. 8
I'm looking to buy some things for my house. Neutral 50 Yeah, sure. I have all sorts of items and themes for that place. Check 'em out. 9
HD02HouseStuff01 Can you tell me what the items do? Neutral 50 Well, you wanna be more specific or do I have to guess? 10
HD02HouseStuff02 Tell me about your Themes. Disgust 80 Themes, huh? What's the matter... too lazy to decorate yourself? 11
Neutral 50 The former owner of this business left detailed instructions on how to have themes set up to make your suite look interesting. 12
Neutral 50 You can choose from the Vault, Raider, Wasteland Explorer, Science, Love Machine or Pre-War Themes. 13
HD02HouseStuff02Clear I'd like to change my house's Theme. Disgust 80 Jeez... make up your mind, will ya? 14
Disgust 90 What else can I get for you, your majesty? 15
HD02HouseStuff03 Okay, let me take a look at your stuff. Neutral 50 Now we're talkin'. 16
HD02HouseStuff04 Enough about the suite. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. 17
HD02HouseStuffSub01 Tell me about the My First Infirmary. Disgust 60 If you went and did something stupid, like busting up a limb or something, this setup will allow you to heal just like being at a Wasteland Doctor. 18
HD02HouseStuffSub02 Tell me about the Jukebox. Disgust 70 This noise box will fill your room with awful human-made music. How can you stand listening to that garbage anyway? 19
HD02HouseStuffSub03 Tell me about the My First Laboratory. Disgust 80 If you like blowing yourself up by mixing chemicals and trying to make drugs to get you higher than the top of this tower, this addon's for you. 20
Disgust 50 It also can be used to get rid of any addictions you may have from tasting your results! 21
HD02HouseStuffSub04 Tell me about the Nuka-Cola Machine. Neutral 50 Well let's see. It's a machine, and it gives you Ice Cold Nuka-Colas. What are you, stupid? 22
HD02HouseStuffSub05 Tell me about the Workbench. Neutral 50 Find one of them fancy schematics? Well, you can use this table to build whatever it is in your own place. 23
HD02HouseStuffSub08 That's enough about the items. Neutral 50 Yeah, okay. 24
HD02HouseTheme01 I'm interested in the Vault Theme. Sad 100 Awww... do we miss our old home? {Sadly mocking} 25
Neutral 60 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 26
HD02HouseTheme02 I'm interested in the Raider Theme. Happy 70 Into the blood and guts look? Reminds me of my old home. {coy} 27
Neutral 50 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 28
HD02HouseTheme03 I'm interested in the Wasteland Explorer Theme. Disgust 70 Well, if you have to feel like your out in the Wasteland, I guess this is for you. Me, I like to stay out of the sun. {coy} 29
Neutral 50 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 30
HD02HouseTheme04 I'm interested in the Science Theme. Disgust 80 Sounds great, Poindexter. 31
Neutral 50 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 32
HD02HouseTheme05 I'm interested in the Pre-War Theme. Disgust 70 Still want to live in the past, huh? Well, forget it. Those days are long gone. {coy} 33
Neutral 50 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 34
HD02HouseTheme05a I'm interested in the Love Machine Theme. Disgust 70 Yuck, the thought of walking around naked's making me sick. {coy} 35
Neutral 50 Remember, once you buy a theme you can't sell it back to me, although you could always purchase a new one. 36
HD02HouseTheme06 Let me ask about something else. Neutral 50 Fine. 37
HD02HouseThemeNo Actually, let me pick another Theme. Disgust 80 Agh... make up your mind already! 38
HD02HouseThemeYes Sounds good to me. Disgust 70 Finally! Let's get down to business. 39
MS12FinBarter Let's trade. Happy 25 Well, this stuff is mostly crap. But whatever. Oh, and I found some weapons and armor, so I'll be trading in that. It's more useful anyway. {grumbling but excited to try out his new role as merchant} 40
Let's trade. Happy 25 Alright. Let's see if we can't find something mutually agreeable. {sly} 41
Let's trade. Happy 25 Excellent! {sly} 42
Let's trade. Happy 25 I'm sure you'll find something agreeable. {sly} 43
Where are the other Tenpenny Tower residents?
What happened to the other Tenpenny Tower residents? Surprise 50 Heh. Roy decided to take out the trash. I'm glad I lost my sense of smell. You'll want to stay clear of the basement storage room. {ironically amused that a bunch of people were slaughtered} 44
The basement storage room is full of bodies. You have anything to do with that? Surprise 25 Can't say I completely agreed with Roy's decision. Then again, they were a bunch of assholes. No one's innocent, kid. You'd do well to remember that. {rationalizing murder} 45
MS12FinResidents What's it like living at Tenpenny Tower? Surprise 75 It's weird actually. I used to vacation here before the bombs dropped. Used to be a resort for the wealthy and powerful. {ironic} 46
Surprise 50 I never thought I'd be the one fighting to get in here. Guess way back it used to be a plantation. Ironic isn't it? {ironic} 47
MS12GhoulBranch So what are you doing in the Metro tunnels? Neutral 50 I've been stomping around with Roy and his gang of misfits. Roy's a no nonsense, take no prisoners kinda guy. {grumpy} 48
Neutral 50 He heard about this Tenpenny asshole, and now he's trying to get us in that tower. He's hatching some kind of plan to kill all those bigot bastards. {grumpy} 49
Neutral 50 Believe it or not, I used to vacation there. {ironic} 50
MS12GhoulKill Gustavo hired me to kill you. Disgust 25 Figures. He's Tenpenny's adorable lapdog, isn't he? So what's your angle in all this? {suspicious} 51
MS12GhoulKill1 Relax. It's just a warning, not a threat. I'm not going to kill you. Surprise 50 That's awfully decent of you, even if we already knew those bigoted bastards wanted us dead. Talk to Roy Phillips. You might be able to help us out. {a bit shocked someone would be kind to them} 52
MS12GhoulKill2 Anything you want to say before you meet your maker? Surprise 50 Karma's a fucking bitch, isn't she? {fatalistic and about to die} 53
Anything you want to say before you meet your maker? Fear 50 Please don't kill me. {(even toned, but frightened) begging a murder not to kill her} 54
MS12GhoulKill3 I don't have to kill you. If you were to give me a handful of caps... Disgust 50 Open your eyes, kid. Does it look like I got a fortune? Now bugger off before I get angry. {annoyed he's being extorted} 55
WarringtonGhoul So tell me, what's it like being a Ghoul? Anger 100 I wasn't always like this. I was a goddamn scientist. We were doing great things. Amazing things. {grumpy man retelling his glory days} 56
Disgust 100 Sure sacrifices were required. Some people got hurt. But we were making real progress. But then those goddamn bombs dropped. {grumpy man retelling a crucial failure} 57
Disgust 100 Karma's a real bitch. You'd be wise to remember that. {grumpy man schooling a kid} 58
WarringtonGreetingChoiceBad I can handle myself. Disgust 100 It's your own funeral then. Just remember that when you die, you die alone. Then you just rot until some jackal comes and snacks on you. {a grumpy man dismissing a jerk} 59
WarringtonGreetingChoiceGood Just passing through. Neutral 50 Just passing through? That's no way to live your life. You need a purpose. A goal. {a grumpy man schooling a kid} 60
Neutral 50 It's the only thing that keeps you from realizing how meaningless this shit-filled existence really is. {a grumpy man schooling a kid} 61
WarringtonGreetingChoiceNeutral Whatever. Neutral 50 Apathy is the death of the soul. It's better to be angry as hell! It keeps things interesting anyway. {grumpy man schooling a loser how to get passionate through anger} 62
WarringtonGreetingHereToSeeRoy I'm here to see Roy Phillips. Surprise 25 Oh yeah? Is he expecting you? Well then, run along. It's not wise to keep Roy waiting. Has a bit of temper that one. You watch yourself. {suspicious and giving warning} 63

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Disgust 10 Good luck. {bitter sarcastic old man} 64
I have to go now. Disgust 10 Go live your life, kid. {bitter sarcastic old man} 65
I have to go now. Disgust 10 Live it up while it lasts. {bitter sarcastic old man} 66
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 You there! Put your weapons away, and come over here. No funny business unless you want to get shot. {SHOUTING a warning at a person approaching in the distance} 67
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 I won't hurt you if you come out and face me without your weapon drawn. {calling out to someone he can't see but knows is there somewhere} 68
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 Stop hiding. I won't hurt you if you're unarmed. {calling out to someone he can't see but knows is there somewhere} 69
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 If you don't put your weapons away, I'll start shooting. 70
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 I'm warning you. Come peacefully or I'll shoot. 71
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 I'm not playing around, come over here. We need to have a little chat. I don't want to waste bullets on your sorry hide. 72
MichaelMastersWarnPlayer Anger 10 I'm not playing around, come over here. 73

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