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You stay away from the generator room!


Metro access & generator is a small access tunnel connecting Tenpenny Tower to the Metro system under the Capital Wasteland.


The area is comprised of two stairways and four separate rooms. Two of them (one connected to the metro tunnels, and the other connected to Tenpenny Tower's lobby) are separated by a locked door, which must be opened using the wall terminal on the third room in order to complete the Tenpenny Tower quest by helping Roy Phillips violently take over the tower. The third room is connected by a locked door (requiring a key) to the tower's outside yard, and has no actual connections to the other rooms apart from a small slit window. The fourth room is accessible by the Tenpenny Tower lobby and is used as a storage room. If finishing the Tenpenny Tower quest by peacefully brokering the ghouls' stay, the corpses of the previous human residents will be found here a few days later, along with a lone feral ghoul.

Related questsEdit


The metro access & generator appears only in Fallout 3.


  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Using the third person camera, it is possible to access the terminal from the opposite side window. Normally, complicated scripted events are triggered by opening the blast door (part of the Tenpenny Tower quest). If the player accesses the terminal without the proper set-up for these events, the game might crash after unlocking the doors, or the quest might be permanently broken. [verified]


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