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For an overview of metal armor variants in all games, see metal armor.

Metal armor and metal helmet are a multi-piece set of armor in Fallout 4.


Metal armorEdit

Metal armor consists of five separate pieces - the chest, the arms and the legs as well as a matching helmet. Like with all other armor pieces, each can be worn over clothing to combine the stat bonuses, however certain outfits may occupy some or all of the armor slots - for instance, the red dress occupies legs and torso slots.

Similar to other armor sets, metal armor changes appearance with mods; for instance polished metal armor will appear shiny and reflective.

There are three variants of metal armor: standard, sturdy and heavy.

Given that metal armor lives up to its name by being assembled from various crudely fashioned pieces of scrap metal, it is also the heaviest of the three base armor sets.

Metal armor offers the best Damage Resistance at the cost of inferior Energy Resistance and Radiation Resistance. It is part of a family of specialized armor sets, with the other three members being leather armor - which focuses on mitigating energy damage over ballistic damage, combat armor as the most balanced form of protection in the Commonwealth and robot armor, added with the Automatron add-on.

Metal helmetEdit

The metal helmet provides a Damage Resistance of 9 as well as an Energy Resistance of 4. It appears as a simple metal helmet with no inside lining and an adjustable leather strap around the brim. It may be modified to improve its protection provided but not with optional slots for things such as pockets or lighter build.



Image Name Weight Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Value Base ID
Metal chest piece Metal chest piece 8 12 5 40 000536c4
Metal right leg Metal right leg 3 7 3 15 000536c3
Metal left leg Metal left leg 3 7 3 15 000536c2
Metal right arm Metal right arm 3 7 3 15 000536c1
Metal left arm Metal left arm 3 7 3 15 0004b933
Total 20 40 17 100


Name Weight Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Value Base ID
Sturdy metal chest piece 15.5 25 15 115 000536c4
Sturdy metal right leg 7.9 15 8 65 000536c3
Sturdy metal left leg 7.9 15 8 65 000536c2
Sturdy metal right arm 7.9 15 8 65 000536c1
Sturdy metal left arm 7.9 15 8 65 0004b933
Total 41.1 85 47 375


Name Weight Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Value Base ID
Heavy metal chest piece 23.1 37 25 190 000536c4
Heavy metal right leg 12.8 22 13 115 000536c3
Heavy metal left leg 12.8 22 13 115 000536c2
Heavy metal right arm 12.8 22 13 115 000536c1
Heavy metal left arm 12.8 22 13 115 0004b933
Total 74.3 125 77 650


  • Found on some raiders.
  • Helmet may be found at University Point, in the exterior building with the armor workbench, on a shelf by the window.


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