Mess hall & munitions storage

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The mess hall & munitions storage is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. Located in the northern section of the Nellis Air Force Base, next to Nellis Hangars.


Inside the mess hall you can find the Boomer munitions manager's store at the north-west end of the hall way, You can find various explosive weapons such as mines, missle launchers etc, inside the store. Then near the west entrance you can find a door to some Boomer chefs inside a kitchen. At the middle of the hall you can find the tables and chairs, aswell as several Boomers eating. A couple of VR pods can be found at the southern part of the mess hall.

The Boomer munitions manager and the VR pods can be found here

Notable loot


  • The star bottle caps can to be difficult to obtain if you have infamy with the Boomers, due to the fact there are 10-20 Boomers that can easily scatter these caps with their explosives.


Mess hall & munitions storage only appears in Fallout: New Vegas.

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