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Merchants (also known as vendors) are the primary source of items and equipment in the world of Fallout, aside from dead enemies. Merchants operate out of either fixed stores or traveling caravans.


Merchants are a main source of items besides scavenging or looting from dead enemies. They usually specialize in a certain area such as weapons and ammunition, food, armor and clothing, etc. but some merchants (often times scavengers or traveling merchants) carry an assortment of all sorts of items.

Interactions with the player character

Some merchants offer medical aid, rent beds, repair equipment, or even sell information (ex. Colin Moriarty). To discover which of these are available, the player needs to interact with each using dialogue choices. Merchants may also give discounts to the player as a result of karma, or sometimes in return for personal favors.

Effects of player actions

  • Killing a merchant gives the player access to the store's wares through a key or directly on the body, but you won't ever be able to buy from the merchant again.

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